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EPIC Gift Wrapping FAIL!!!!

Baking FAIL!
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Cinnamon Challenge FAIL

Hey guys, this is my first video that my friend had talked me into doing…I’m guessing he was trying to kill me. LOL. But anyways guys. like or subscribe. I am now going to be posting videos more often for you guys =) comment with any ideas for another challenge!
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Бабушка помоги!!! Баря, Баряяя!!! GRANDMA HELP!!! The dog attacked!!! FAIL

Баря )) Trubasyava (с)
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PGW Episode 2: McDonalds Phone Fail

Emily here! Back with Season 2! We have new guests this season, which makes it all the more fun. This was kinda an unexpected prank… We were going to do something hilarious until McDonald’s phone decided to fail. FAIL WHAAALE! :( Sub for more videos, (longer and better)! CHECK OUT OUR PERSONAL YOUTUBES* Jess: Em: *COMMENT TELLING US WHAT TO DO NEXT!(:

Epic Fail 2012 joke gone wrong


Jay Z calls McDonalds (Impersonation prank call) FAIL, but funny

Jigga is having problems so he calls McDonalds up at about 11:30 pm At first I wasn’t going to upload the video, but I had a change of mind. The guy on the other end of the phone has no clue what I’m talking about so I labeled the call a fail. But after a little time I decided it was funny enough to upload. **NOTE** – This isn’t meant as a diss to Jay Z – I know Its not a great Jay Z impersonation. Really. Trust me. Take my word. I’m not even trying. Its more about the prank call then the impersonation. Think of it as a impersonation of a bad impersonation. Which it is.
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Retarded kid prank (FAIL)

Retarded kid gets pranked and tries to kill his pranker. LOL!
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Prank Call To The Local Target – FAIL

haha me and a friend were bored on skype, first we tried to call his sis friend but she wouldnt awnswer -_- so we called local target, most of its a computer talking but at the end a lady picks up! lol

Petco Store FAIL (Prank Call)

This prank call shows how stupid the people at Petco can be 😉 Request ideas for our next LIVE PRANK CALL SHOW now !
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