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Mabel and Fatty viewing the World’s Fair at San Francisco, Cal.

SUMMARY The 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition was San Francisco’s second fair (following the 1894 Mid-Winter Fair) and her first major exposition. The 1915 fair celebrated both the opening of the newly-completed Panama Canal — a triumph of Franco-American engineering — and the newly-rebuilt San Francisco, vital and vigorous after recovering from the 1906 earthquake and fire. The fair opened on February 20, 1915, and closed December 4, 1915, having attracted 18876438 visits by several million visitors. Mabel Normand and Fatty Arbuckle were major comedy stars of the silent screen. Mabel Normand (1894-1930) was a brilliant comedienne and prankster with an irrepressible vitality who became a Mack Sennet star. She played opposite such greats as Charlie Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle and was perhaps the most talented comic star of the silent screen. Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle (1887-1933), a vaudeville veteran, became one of Sennet’s Keystone Kops in 1913 and rose to stardom. In 1917 he was accused of sexual assault in the death of starlet Virginia Rappe, who collapsed during a wild drinking party he threw in a suite of the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. Although acquitted, Arbuckle’s career was ruined. OTHER TITLES Mabel and Fatty at the World’s Fair CREATED/PUBLISHED United States : Keystone Film Company, 1915. NOTES Copyright: Keystone Film Company; 22Apr1915; MP313. Cast: Mabel Normand, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle. Photographed: January-February, 1915. Location: San Francisco
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Justin Bieber Gets Silly Stringed : Maryland State Fair

the prankster gets pranked! i own this guys so please don’t take credit for it!!1 thanks for watching! @crazybelieber4 :)!
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Ford Fair Show 2010 – Silverstone

Ford Fair 2010 at Silverstone Circuit is Europe’s biggest Ford Festival. As Performance Direct Insurance will be exhibiting at a range of Motor Shows in 2010 I was sent along to film a video report. There was some fantastic track action, a Classic Ford drifting demo and some awesome stunt driving. Amongst the Ford Car Club displays were over 3500 Ford cars on display ranging from immaculate restored classics to the latest performance Ford and modified Ford cars with plenty of Cosworth powered Fords to see. The concours had a high standard of vehicles on display ranging from Ford Escort, Fiesta, Capri, Sierra, Sapphire, Cosworth, Mondeo, Focus and many Classic Ford’s too.
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Justin Bieber gets pranked after singing “Baby” MD State Fair

At his concert on 9/5/10 at the Maryland State Fair, Justin Bieber got pranked with silly string after singing “Baby” He had pranked Jessica Jarell earlier with silly stringg and she got him back. Haha. Follow me on Twitter! @Ashley_Winkler
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Harvard Student Activity Fair 2008 While my roommate is vacationing in Europe, I sign him up for over 120 student organizations which like to send emails to all their members ten times each day. Learn about many of the student groups on Harvard’s campus.

Beamish Museum Georgian Fair – 2011

Footage from the 2011 Georgian Fair which ran from the 2nd-5th June. In this video you will see: – The Squire of Pockerley – Traditional Wood Working, whittling and Pole Lathe work – Flea Circus (Circus Minimus) – Our ‘Skylark’ Swing Boat – Coconut Shy – Random Mike the Fire eater – Stalls with Corn Dollies, Wine, Flowers, Plants, Bread, Fruit & Vegetables – DLI Redcoats on the march – Puffing Billy on the Waggonway – Punch & Judy – Dave Shaw, Northumbrian Piper – Clog Dancing from local dancers, musicians and the multi talented Beamish Youth Group! – Musical fun on the Swing Boat Music provided by Lucy & Alex, two of the visiting musicians. Visit the Beamish Museum website for the latest News and Events:

Splash and Win — Turlock County Fair — Melanie Berner

At theTurlock County Fair, the Monterey Bay Aquarium launched the “Splash and Win” promotion. Melanie Berner, from Hughson, was “Splashed” and automatically entered to win. The promotion offers a Monterey Bay Aquarium Sailing Adventure for five kids (8 and up) and two adults plus tickets to the aquarium. You can also enter to win and find more details about the promotion by visiting
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PACFREL Campaign For Free & Fair Elections. Missing Voters

Short Videos about Pacfrel campaign for free, fair and democratic elections in pakistan. video compiled by Interactive Resource Centre, Lahore.

Sheep dogs at the fair

Sheep dog trials at the Wyoming State Fair. A fun event with some incredible handlers and well trained dogs.

PELUM Uganda indigenous food fair 2008 – Part 1.FLV

This is the first part of the PELUM Uganda indigenous food fair video. The video outlines the advantages of producing and consuming indigenous foods.
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