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Fall-ing #1 !

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Falling in Public 2 – THE NEW CONING (TheVillagePillage)

TheVillagePillage brings you the new coning; falling in public. No matter where you are, falling always seems to bring out the best and worst from on-lookers, and here is no exception. LIKE AND COMMENT FOR MORE VIDS!!! ***SUBSCRIBE*** Check out our Facebook page:
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LIKE US AND SHARE ON FACEBOOK: If this is your first time watching this, you may think that we are irresponsible and annoying. That might be true, but not to worry, we ALWAYS clean up after ourselves and haven’t damaged any property or broken anything. If we ever do, we know that we will have to buy it. We respect the stores rules and if they ask us to leave, we do. We saw falling online, and wanting to try it ourselves, decided to make a video of us doing it. To be honest, when you see someone fall, your going to laugh or ask them if they need help. It’s natural instinct. This is what we wanted to see: what people did more…laugh or give a hand. We also wanted to see how dumb our falls can be and if people still believe they were on accident. We got EXACTLY what we wanted, and we hope you enjoy it. What was your favorite fall? Can you do better? Let us know by commenting and subscribe! We will be releasing many more videos of things we do while in public places! If you’ve got a few minutes and are “cool” enough, send this to a show or network! Let’s get this thing HUGE and let EVERYONE know about this “trend”. From lame falls, to making weird noises, to falls that COULD be real, but aren’t…AllDayAnyDayCranks has got you covered and entertained for a few quick minutes. Make sure to subscribe for more falling and a lot of other funny stuff! AllDayAnyDayCranks – FALLING CHAOS

Falling Madness 3 – Extras, Behind The Scenes, Commentary

Love our Falling Madness series? Well check out this video showing you all the extra clips we didn’t include in the real video, clips of us talking and having a good time, and just what life is like for us when filming! :) Subscribe for weekly vids kids! and maybe a free high five! 😀 Check out my facebook page and like me at For more laughs check out all my videos! Share with your grandmother as well! Thanks guys! Justin

Falling Crew

Heres our first falling video. Comment Rate Sub We do not own the rights to the song Mr. Saxobeat

April Fools Day Pranks – Girls Prank Dad – Falling Down Stairs – Car Scratched Up!

If you watch Punk’d on MTV you will find this funny! There is a surprise prank hiding as what appears to be a huge scratch on our dad’s expensive sports car. See how he reacts to the unexpected scratch. This is pay back for the previous pranks my dad had played on us. Dad pranks girls by faking his accident falling down the stairs. We play pranks for fun and today is the day before April Fools Day!! Audition for acting or singing and be on TV. See how by visiting our auditions website at: Royalty Free Music By Jason Shaw and is released under Creative Commons license 3.0 Be sure to check out our main channel as well called all4tubekids Top 30 Audition winners http
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Falling Complications 2

I couldn’t think of a song, so I used the same one. Any suggestions? Song: Pursuit of Happiness-Kid Cudi (remix)
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Dropping Things with Some Falling

Preview For Upcoming Video

Public Prank – Fall-ing

Our first video! Watch in HD! Some falling inspired by Youtubers such as JStuStudios, ILookStewpid, StevensAlki and others! Like our Facebook page! SUBSCRIBE for the latest updates on our videos! Be the first to know when we post something new!
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Cone-ing is dead. it’s all about Fall-ing now. credit goes to JstuStudios for coming up with the idea.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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