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Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes – CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS

The Grandmaster forces the Fantastic Four to battle Ronan the Accuser, Impossible Man, Annihilus, and Super Skrull.
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Fantastic light, in science fiction and fact

Emory physicist Sidney Perkowitz discusses how we are harnessing the mysteries of light into technologies like lasers and fiber optics that are transforming our daily lives. Science-fiction fantasies like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak are turning into real possibilities. For more info:

Craptain Dunce and his Fantastic Facts pt3&4

Join Craptain Dunce on his ridiculous journey of discovery, seeking out the unexplainable, the damn right bizarre, and the truely flabagasting world of facts. In this episode Craptain Dunce discovers what happens when you watch fleas for too long and the nearly impossible truth behind Tuna Tune in next time for more fantastic facts.
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Professor Grifter’s Fantastic Flea Circus

The Biggest Little Show on Earth. The Professor has combed the planet for the finest fleas for this show.
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Flea Circus – Daffy Duck’s Fantastic Island

best flea circus sound ever.

The New Fantastic Four

In the comics in the 1990s, the traditional Fantastic Four was temporarily replaced by “The New Fantastic Four,” a team consisting of Spider-Man, the Hulk, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider. This is a fan-made trailer for a movie about this alternate version of the team, made from the original teaser trailer for “Fantastic Four.” (For the record, this team appears in FF #347-349 and 374, Wolverine #148, What If #78, and the “What If This Was The Fantastic Four?” Mike Wieringo tribute special.)

Siamese Twins – The Fantastic Sunny South

We Are Twins! EP Label: Adam & Eve Records Catalog#: ADAM 016 Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: Germany Released: 1993 Genre: Electronic Style: Trance Credits: Written-By, Producer – Arndt Pecher, Markus Pecher
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Fantastic FleaCircus

All the fun of the big top – in miniature!
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QVMT 4X30 -Micro Fantastic Bizarre Fest-

QVMT de Lunes a Viernes a las 17:00 en La sexta

FANTASTIC: Mind-Blowing

This incredable video clip features the greatest shot ever captured on film of the largest UFO Crop Circle ever recorded. Its over 700 hundred feet across and has over 400 interlocking circles. It apeared in one night and there was NO witnesses. Filmed in England. Complete film – Now on DVD, Catalog #U645. Visit us online: True and miraculous stories of the wildly strange and unexplained are featured here on UFOTV. Our vast library of suppressed and exotic news and information includes reports on UFOs & Aliens, Spirit Culture & The Paranormal, Shocking Political Controversy, Mystery & Wonder. Subscribers are automatically notified first as we add new videos on a regular bases. UFOTV – Your ultimate resource for suppressed and exotic, controversy, news and information. Visit us online and at our other YouTube channel: UFOTVstudios
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