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“F*CK YOU” Subway Prank Call 2

My mate Jackson calls up Subway to check if they actually do takeaway Actually spoken by Jackson not Mitch.
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“Project Jackass” …tribute to Ryan Dunn presents: F*ck Sleeping

Subscribe to: …for more information click on “show more” and the link above! We’ll perform a variety of crazy stunts for your amusement on the “big screen” for the first time. Also we are well aware of the video(s) quality, lack of “hardcore” and professionalism but we had been working for months on this project and we had a great time filming, so f*ck it… GIVE IT A TRY!! We are open to critics and suggestions! …this is a tribute to Ryan Dunn (RIP Random Hero)
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F*CK YOU PRIUS DRIVERS Live Show Tonight, Reserve your spot Follow Me: Stories: Railroad Time: Mega Man 9: Ricoh Sign to be revealed on Dec 4: Woman in a Trunk: Peanut Butter: Teacher Fired: Plane Crash:

f*ck you, pay me!

from the movie good fellas

What the f@ck Wisconsin?

This is our first video, we tell you the messed up news stories state by state. Like, subscribe, or don’t; but please, tell us what you think. Our first stop… Wisconsin!

F*ck APRIL Fools !!!

Bonus video of some material i was gonna put on my bloopers channel. Then some of my friends decided that it was pretty good shiznit and i should put it up. Its a Tuesday so maybe you guys will like it 😀 What I Think Ep 70 April 7 2009 The What IThink Show is devoted to weird news usually featuring dumb criminals from around the world. So now, “Let me tell you what I Think”. NOW IN HD!!! Current Topics NYU acceptance letter screw-up: Contact information: Talk to ME: AIM: WhatIThinkShow Follow me: Be sure to follow up with comments on any of the topics discussed in the video and if you like the video please SUBSCRIBE for future material.
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