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Take 2 Ferris Bueller

2 guys acting out the prank phone call in ferris Bueller
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Ferris Beuller (Highlights of)

The hit classic, Ferris Beullers Day Off, funniest scenes from the story of a boy who fakes sick, sets up decloys, makes prank calls, steals a ferrari and sends his principal on a wild goose chase. Enjoy! -I do not own rights to ‘Ferris Bueller’ this is a remix off scenes from the movie-

Hindu Festival in India with Human-powered Ferris Wheel

A Hindu festival in Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu was the most incredible night time event of a 2 week long motorcycle trip. It was a mixture of religious parade frenzy, county fair carnival and flea market all wrapped up in an insanely colorful package. There was a circus featuring dog acts and 12 year olds dancing to the latest pop tunes, a human power ferris wheel and the patient faithful waiting in line for hours to see the hindu god honored in this particular temple.

Ferris Wheel

Here’s a simple tribute to my new and old friends here in YT… Thanks for letting me play with your photos. ~ You Tubers on Board ~ 1. trebornoican 2.kaaac33 3.EasyRaoul 4.Elztick 5.ccmtcanada 6.Sledbub1 7.Mongoosh 8.Chinaeyes22 with a special appearance of the “Carousel 3” cast songpidgeon mikma actordavidtran chinaeyes22 hoffmann9471 prettyjhaymie brazilady capo420420 delaneyelise no1funkydiva Lara Kate ~HISTORY~ The Ferris wheel is the largest part of the carnival, and an American expression of freedom. But when was it created? Who came up with the idea for a giant rolling wheel? Read this article for a history and overview of the Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel was introduced to the world at the World’s Colombian Exposition of 1893 in Chicago. It was built to rival the Paris creation of the Eiffel Tower, a landmark exhibition in 1889 in France. It is interesting to note that the first Ferris Wheel was built by bridgemaker George Ferris. His knowledge of struts, beams and supports, as well as a skilled mastery of foundation and balance of larger constructions made him the man for the job. Ferris conceived the idea of the Wheel by looking the a structure of the Merry-go

World Record Knex Ferris Wheel

This is The World’s Largest Working K’nex Ferris Wheel. It measures 12 feet in diameter and 13 feet tall. It has 128 spokes, 32 carts and about 12000 pieces. It was designed by myself (Austin Granger) and was built in 3 weeks (including repairs made after wind damage) by myself, Renee Bergeron, Sam Ihlenfeldt, Stephen Walker, Simon Olson and Paul Davis. The wheel is supported by a quarter-inch steel axle and powered by a 12 volt DC motor. The wheel was completed thanks to the generous donations of over 4000 pieces from people in my neighborhood. Includes a POV shot of a camera riding in one of the carts. To see more of my K’nex projects, and to follow the design and construction of new ones check out Interesting side-note, this wheel is so heavy, yet so perfectly balanced that removing even a single gondola will throw the center of gravity off to the extent that the 12v motor can no longer power the wheel.
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