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Color fishes

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Inside the Georgia Aquarium- Coldwater fishes

Inside the Georgia Aquarium. These are the cold water fishes, found mostly in polar area and the Pacific.

“Weird Fishes” – a tour of the Georgia Aquarium

Shot with the Canon 7D. Song by Radiohead off of In Rainbows. Cut by Heather Fodor
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Big fishes @ monterey bay aquarium

monterey bay aquarium

The Kuroshio Sea with all large “fishes” inside~~~

So many “fishes” inside and Mr. Diver
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Swim with the fishes at the Georgia Aquarium

Video from Atlanta’s “Georgia Aquarium”, the largest aquarium in the world.

Inside the Georgia Aquarium- Amazon fishes

Inside the Georgia Aquarium. These are fishes and other aquatic creatures found in the Amazon area, that’s what they said. Some of them are really exotic and colorful.

Vatoz balığı besleniyor / Diver Feeding Stingray & Fishes

Diver feeding fishes and stingrays in Ushaka marine world,Durban/South Africa.

Strange fishes after Tsunami

like the title says: In this video you can see some strange fishes found on a beach after the tsunami 😉 Enjoy :) NOTE: “fishes” is the plural when you have more than one species. So “fishes” is as correct as “fish”.
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it is not the same as shown before. it’s a little bit smaller so I think there must be more than one in the lake
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