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Block any site easily with a batch file. Fixing tutorial included.

Download my blocksite batch file here: Sorry for bad quality Will upload better one soon
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Dad Sings the Blues Fixing Boiler

Sneaking up on dad letting rip in time to the music fixing our stupid broken boiler – another totally brilliant clip from!

Funny Prank While Fixing Car

Prank number 20 in our funny prank war collection. Click the link below for the complete prank video list. Matt attempts to do some work on his car, but is interrupted by a cold bucket of water from Drew up above on the roof. Matt gets pretty wet in this hilarious prank! -Here is a chronological play-list of all prank videos between Andrew and Matt.
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Casey Anthony fixing her hair over and over again
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fixing ghost rider

ghost rider
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Fixing ME CAAAR (II) – Paintjob – Fast Forward (So you don’t fall asleep)

READ DESCRIPTION FOR INFORMATION ABOOT THIS GAME Another delivery of Unveiled Abandonware. Alec tests an old game unknown to the gaming scene, created by a hungarian gaming company and published by Activision. This game, now defunct, is one of the best mechanics & car tuning games I’ve tried so far. It isn’t so arcadeish-childish like the NFS series, and while it lacks of good sound and graphics, the community around this game which is struggling for survival, has given the newcomer the posibility of installing thousands or millions of custom cars, sounds, textures and scripts. The game is highly modifiable, and it doesn’t take a code monkey to start doing some custom stuff with this game. I am not sure if this game is still for sale anywhere as both its creator and the publisher have removed it from their catalogs ages ago. You can still get it off a torrent somewhere. Don’t ask me for download links, please. In the LE version the game crashes when attempting to buy mufflers from the mufflers shop. This is due to an extra car which is bugged. To fix it, simply copy (DONT CUT) and rename it to MainMenuCar, then replace the MainMenuCar (use the windows search function to find it) and paste yours in there, replace. Then you can safely remove the BMW8.. rpk & its data folder and you’ll be able to buy mufflers just fine. After totalling it. I had to fix it, add a new engine, tune it, and paint it. This is the 2nd part. In FF

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