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Funny Sexy Woman Do Some Flute Noise with Her Vagina

awesome talent with her vagina… unbelieveable
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jethro Tull – “No Lullaby” & Flute solo (live at Madison Square Garden 1978)

“No Lullaby” & Flute solo by Jethro Tull, from the DVD “Live At Madison Square Garden 1978”, released in 2009 by EMI. IMPORTANT NOTICE: That concert was not videotaped in it’s entire. At some parts of the DVD you can only listen the band playing, while watching a slide show. I uploaded only the parts where you can actually see the band playing. DVD TRACKLIST: 1-2. Opening & “Thick as a Brick” (2 videos) 3. “NO LULLABY” & FLUTE SOLO 4. “Songs from the Wood” & band intro 5. “Quatrain” & “Aqualung” 6. “Locomotive Breath” & “Dambusters March” You can see the original DVD Tracklist here:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

a kid flute part 4:the dieing theme

this is what happens when you die bye-bye

Ghost Stories – The Flute in the Wilderness

When it comes to Ghost Stories, there are two basic types: the traditional type which is often based in folklore and deal with themes like revenge, love, sadness, etc… These stories serve a purpose to teach a lesson or just to provide a scare. The other type is the “true” ghost story which have no rhyme or reason because the incident is often unexplainable to those who witness it. This is the kind of story where something strange has happened to the teller or someone they know. This type borders on urban legend but it is in that gray area between the real world and that “other” world. Here I recall a story that happened to one of my uncles when they went camping in the wilderness.

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