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Mystical Forest’s Ghost

Evidence and unseen footage of real ghosts and orbs right here. The Ghost in the machine known as Dannypantsgm.


New photo leaked by nasa showing a piece of wood on mars.Previous photos have shown forest like anomalies.They have sent probes and landers to orbit and planet of Mars.The planet is loaded with anomalies,lets say.Mars easily had life,has H2O(ice) on it still.H’mm water and life?? Who’d thunk it?…Who knows how much solar energy Mars has had in the past?Life can exist in conditions less optimal than Mars today,let alone in the past.My findings I have been presenting here and there.If you get the whole picture then you might find there is more to this world than we are led to believe.

Weird animals of the Andean Cloud Forests – Wild South America – BBC

A chance to see the weird and wonderful creatures that live in the Andean Cloud Forests of South America. Includes amazing images of Spectacled Bears climbing trees. Brilliant animal video from BBC wildlife show Wild South America.

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