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Drugs Found In Bass Case Prank Call

An old prank call done over year and a half ago. This is when the pranks were made using Jared’s Cell phone. That is why the audio quality is not as good as our newer videos. This prank call almost was forgoten about until our friend Brian reminded us of it! *NO LIVE SHOW THIS WEEK* this video should hold you over until next Friday 😉
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Abandoned House – Found some homemade hooch!

Abandoned House – Found some homemade hooch! Follow us- Twitter – T-SHIRTS _________________________________________________________ Panic Attack Videos We all love a good scare, and if you love scary videos, pranks and other strange things you’ve come to the right place. _________________________________________________________ Other keywords: Panic Attack Videos, scary, scared, scaring, short films, reality, first person shooter, horror, movie, short, ghost, make you jump and scream, scary pop outs, people reactions, terrified, terrifying, terror, scream, videos, video, tape, footage, best, very, shocking, pranks, prank, practical jokes, gone wrong , Abandoned , urban, exploration, explores, exploring, old, house, building, hospitals, ships, schools, school, haunted, places, mansion, orphanage _________________________________________________________ Music provided by Jason Shaw – Song Title Jason Shaw – Under Category Rock Song Title: -Glitch/composer: Jason Shaw – Under Category Rock
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i found a site for you if you like prank your friend chek it out.wmv

you like to prank peapole and your friends look this awesome site i found subscribe and rate it comment your prank experience thx
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Has Evidence for Alien Life Been Found?

Has Evidence for Alien Life Been Found?. Fossilized alien microbes have been discovered in a sample extracted from a meteorite.. You can find the entire video and more info at
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Rare Jim Morrison FSU College Promo Video Found! full funny videos college prank roommate pranks

Rare Jim Morrison FSU College Promo Video Found! full funny videos college prank roommate pranks best college dorm pranks hot video Jim, Morrison, Robby, Krieger, John, Densmore, Ray, Manzarek, The, Doors, FSU, promo, video, Florida, rock, music, Lizard, King, 60’s, college, rocknroll, university, rare, 1960’s, 1960s, Classic, and, roll

ZolarVision Prank Call [Jennifer – Found Wallet]

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Lost & Found Pranks


Yemi talks about his new found fame

Yemi explains how it feels to be an internet celebrity in his own unique way

Lost and Found # 7

by: CajunPranks

Chris totally pranked Kristina (OMG I just found out that this is gonna be on Most Shocking on TruTV

LMAO My baby got her SO good!!! Ok so this is the prank. Both Kristina and Chris sit in the floor. She has 2 knives and he has an egg and a paper towel. He cracks th egg on the floor. She is supposed to stab his hands before he can wipe it up with the paper towel. Instead he grabs her legs and pulls her ass all in the egg. Oh and as commented yes he did bet 20 bucks thanx sk8boarder678 , I’m gonna tag u in the videos description since u recorded it for us 😀
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