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Say Hello to my Little Friend!

We love pranks calls. Prank calling extremely thick ex-boyfriends makes them even better.. Love.

Shaitan Friend – Airtel Har Friend Zaroori Hota Hai

Shaitan Friend November ho ya April, yeh aapko kabhibhi ‘Fool’ bana sakta hai! He is a compulsive prankster who will make your life difficult for you and a lot of fun for others! Vote for us here – –Cast– Alok — Navendu Sharma Sushil — Alok Kulkarni –Cinematography– Rutuja Akerkar –Production Assistance– Rutu Gole Alok Kuilkarni –Script, Direction, Editing– Yash Kadam
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Invisible Street Rope Prank, Car almost runs over my friend lol

invisible rope prank on the main highway so funny to see live when people stop just because two people are acting like they are holding up a rope in the middle of the road shot in Middlesboro KY.

pranking my friend cassie tax refund.wmv

i was bored so i went to and prank called my friend cassie, this site is really a lot of fun :)
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Prank on our friend Josh

go to this website called LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO ROFL

Scaring my friend to death! Part 3!

Here I scare my friend with the “Daddy long leg spider” I had, I didn’t have a spider in my hand but my friend is truly scared to death of spiders! It was funny I love watching my own reaction and me running away 😛 it’s great!


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Pranked My Friend XD

Done with prankdial app

i found a site for you if you like prank your friend chek it out.wmv

you like to prank peapole and your friends look this awesome site i found subscribe and rate it comment your prank experience thx
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Friend lost a bet (Nelly Furtado)

my buddy wanted some money so he had to dress like this and go around like that for the day. It was great fun. Funny what people will do for money.
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