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FusionExcel Quantum Science Products gets Scientist Prof Dr Thornton Streeter’s Endorsement!

Prof Dr Thornton Streeter D.Sc, the Co-Inventor of the PIP Field Imaging Technology recently attended FusionExcel International’s year end celebration dinner & appeared as a Special Guest speaker. Prof Thornton, the Founder and CEO of the Center For Biofield Science, conducted a detailed study on FE’s Quantum Science products and was amazed by the results. At the dinner he presented the audience with the results of his study and and declared his endorsement of FE’s Quantum Science products to the applause of the crowd! He further add ” Quantum Science products is the BEST products I’ve seen so far”!!
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Applied Kinesiology – How it’s Done to fool gullible people. Quantum pendant scalar fusionexcel

The Skeptic Zone Podcast presents this look at the tricks of Applied Kinesiology.
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