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The World’s Going to End.… Go Buy Your FLuffee Talks Merchandise NOW! MAKE SURE YOU BUY THEM FAST! A video about my thoughts on if the world is going to end or not.


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What the hell is going on card trick!!!!

I can’t seem to figure out the ambitious card trick. so I am gonna with u the youtubers. figure it out. Watch this funny card trick as I try to figure the trick out.
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[S] Ancestors: What’s Going On

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Going To Hell/What Wee Man Does Next preview/trailer

**NOT AFFILIATED WITH MTV, VIACOM, PARAMOUNT OR JACKASS WHATSOEVER. THIS IS THE TRAILER FROM MY COPYRIGHTED DVD “GOING TO HELL” STARRING WEE-MAN. IT IS MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY** Pranks, stunts, comedy, galore! A one-way ticket to hell featuring some of the most outrageous and obscene footage caught on camera. From hot busty models who can’t keep their clothes on to bums and punks and stunts galore, this release doesn’t just push the boundaries of good taste, it completely destroys them! Starring JACKASS’S Jason “Wee Man” Acuna and model Taylor Love!
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Nephew Tommy Prank Call-Yo Baby Going Back to Pre-K

Old Couple going to Resort – Prank Call

Me (the Russian) and my friend Romaine (the Jamaican) make a prank call to some resort/hotel near Lake Superior. Romaine is pretending to be an old man named Barry who wants to book a cabin with his wife. The guy on the other end of the line suprisingly falls for it (or maybe he’s just stupid…?) and ends up giving us the cabin. Oh and remember to pack the strawberries! Enjoy and tell us what you think of this prank call CHECK MY RAP OUT –
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Wait were going to Walmart?

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You Going to Hell Prank Phone Call by @mrgrind This has to be one of the best pranks Ive done…
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Going Completely Insane

After about the 10th hour of our 14 hour drive to Houston, My brother Davis started loseing his mind. So I picked up the camcorder and started shooting.
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