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John hits exploding golf ball in Tucson.

John hits exploding golf ball at Randolph driving range. Tucson Arizona.
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Golf lessons prank

really funny golf prank
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A few mean golf pranks put in one collection. Yes, we knew the golfer and had a laugh about it. NOTE – We had a reaction cam, but it got shifted in the tree, and didn’t capture.

Golf ball prank

smack a golf ball at this grumpy lady’s car and she goes berserk! don’t try this actually you don’t know whose car your going to dint!

worst golf lesson ever

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Golf advertisement


World’s Funniest Golf Screwups

My fav part is where the guy misses the shot and then he tries to kick it, trips over. REALLY FUNNY VIDEO!!

Just For Laughs – Shotgun Golf

Just For Laughs – Shotgun Golf
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Golf MK6 GTI Launch Event UK @ Millbrook

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Scirocco R & Golf R Stunt Driving I

Scirocco R & Golf R Stunt Driving at Volkswagen Family Day 2010 in Korea.

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