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Chair prank gone wrong

Prank Gone Wrong (The Alternate Ending)

The Alternate Ending
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Walmart prank gone wrong

It was hilarious we prank called Walmart and then well you’ll just have to watch it to find out
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court case gone wrong

Do you love a great drama? then this is for you. It also works if you love comedy !!

Prank Call Gone Wrong!? (Microsoft)

As Japser, Niall phones up Microsoft once again and tells them his latest concerns about GTA IV. Thanks to Michelle from Mi-kro-soft for being a good sport. :) —————————————————————————- podkraft prank call microsoft gta ownage pranks funny lol hayden ownagepranks fridaynightcranks lost in walmart wal mart
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chihuahua gone wild!!

this my chuhuahua named ciarra aka boomz so im guessing mom got tired of me pranking her so one morning she told boombz to rape me…lol wth!

Kick My Dog Prank Gone Wrong

This is what happens when you use on your friend’s stepdad.
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Chainsaw massacre gone wrong


College prank gone wrong 2012

Can you say dookie surprise

Student Prank On Substitute GONE WRONG!

I call the subs name and act like i fall asleep! This is the second time i do it! and He wass ready and let me fall in a trash can!! there was chocolate milk in there hahaha ! that Mo’Fo got me good!! Mr. Aaaaaa !!! ahhaha
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