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Wrong Number Prank Call: The Good Guy

Inbound prank call to Papa Johns.
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It’s a spoon game where you prank one of your friends. It consist of the two people holding spoons in their mouths and hitting each other on the top of their heads with the spoons in their mouths. But what the prankee doesn’t know is that there’s someone behind him with a third spoon WACKING them as hard as they want. The person will think that you’re just an expert at the game…SIIIIKKKEEE!! LMAO!! GOOD LAUGHS!!
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UniGiant plays Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Part 39): I r good @ sk8ing

The most anticipated Wii game of the year is here, and I’m actually home to play it through! Join me, UniversalGiant, as we blast our way through beautiful new worlds and aid Mario in his never-ending quest to rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser! Shiverburn Galaxy stars covered in this video: (1) Prince Pikante’s Peppery Mood (2) The Chimp’s Ultimate Skating Challenge Slipsand Galaxy stars covered in this video: (3) Squizzard’s Daredevil Run Three months after the fact, I realized this was the description of the previous episode and no one bothered pointing it out so I figure no one reads there. That’s good to know! =P

HD! BBC Merlin: good bits from episode 4.12 – PART 1

Who can resist McDonalds fast food? How about FREE McDonald’s? We have a free offer at : Slashy bits and some funny/cute stuff.
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Feels So Good :)

Have you ever though you could pass out while peeing becuase it felt so good…

Good Grief – Homewreckers 1 (Minecraft 360 Griefing)

My very first minecraft trolling montage with Randy the Robot

stanky leg (good)

this one go hard

Super Mario Galaxy Walkthrough Part 4 – Terrace – Good Egg Galaxy – Dino Piranha – Go there to see this and my other guides in an organized list. – Go there to see this and other guides in an organized list. Super Mario Galaxy walkthrough. WALKTHROUGH, NOT LET’S PLAY. NextGenWalkthroughs requested it to stop the endless requests they get for it, because they’re gonna do Super Mario Galaxy 2 (DARN THEM!!!!) so other people were asking… Hungry Luma’s and Secret Stars are going to be separate, before the final boss. I’ll try to fit the prankster comets in as I like. I will not do every single star or play as Luigi, but I will get all stars in each of the two main galaxies. If I don’t like the bonus galaxies I’m not gonna do it.


good bye xD
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