Posts Tagged ‘GOTCHA’ Gotcha Call Parody Boom Boom Pow MUST WATCH funny LOL!!! This is the latest gotcha call parody starring singer like JJ and Ean in their own version of BEP Boom boom Pow song, not yet release into youtube yet,but i’m just publishing it for the sake of gotcha call huge fans, please do enjoy this hillarious parody made by them dont forget to download them.tq for the support,no hurt feeling though..GOTCHA…fm die hard fan Morning Crew Parody – Gotcha Call – behind the scenes

a behind the scenes look at how the new Morning Crew PARODY came to be…
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LIVE… LOVE… SUBSCRIBE AND THEN LOVE AGAIN!!!!! Im politing a helicopter and we are running outta fuel. Hopefull i can find a safe place to land before I go down.
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SUBSCRIBE TO LIVE HAPPY!!!!!!! Pranking a theater again, I decided to spice it up a little this time. This time im working with the brookfield zoo emergency response team on an accident that just occured involving some of our semis that were carrying our animals. We got all but one… find out which animal is still missing with more on our next episode of GOTCHA

Gotcha – Shock City Halloween At Ai

The ol’ laser beam gets them every time.

GIANT BANANA “Calgary Singing Telegrams” GOTCHA COURTNEY!

Pretending to be a guest speaker, Shannon was invited into a grade 12 classroom to ask the students to participate in a new global movement to “save the bananas”. The real reason she was there was to surprise Courtney on her 18th birthday. Only a couple of people knew about this, including the teacher. To protect the privacy of the students we did not tape the classroom, but you should have seen the look on their faces when they thought they were seriously going to have to participate in the “banana rally”.GO BANANAS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTNEY!

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