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Nephew Tommy Prank Call- Graduation

Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Call
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Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Call: Graduation.

Aired 5/18/2011

Avon Lake Call Me Maybe Graduation Flash Mob 2012

The Prankster Webner pulls off one more at the Graduation!
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Beach Ball Graduation

They may have kept us from getting it in but the family members did the dirty work for us!

HBO – Ali G Show – Interview Prank – Hardvard Graduation Speech for students (live) HD funny movies

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Graduation Backflip free funny videos pranks april fools prank funny college dorm pranks babes

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smart guy graduation

a smart guy video of a prank really funny a must watch.
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How to Pull Off the Ultimate Graduation Prank

Check out this cool app and learn guitar – Learn a few easy tips to make your senior prank one for the ages.
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Graduation Bingo

Graduation Bingo makes graduating more fun. Families and friends of graduates now have a new way to pass time while waiting for their loved ones’ names to be called. Graduation Bingo players race the clock and each other to score BINGO based on what they see and hear during the ceremony. Free paper versions and a downloadable .99 app for the Android and iPhone are available at, iTunes and the Android Market

Great Graduation Prank

Grad prat fall….this is very funny. Listen to the crowds reaction…
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