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Cup Durability Test – Jonathan kicks Graham in the nuts

I helped Graham get an acting gig. What more could I do but continue offering my help? This time I’m helping Graham test his newly purchased cup before the big “getting kicked in the balls” scene! I’d say I’m the best friend he ever had. Wouldn’t you?
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Ellen Tries to scare the always Energetic Lauren Graham

The always energetic Lauren Graham shared her stories from her recent stint on Broadway in “Guys & Dolls.” Watch now as she tells stories of getting angry at an 80-year-old woman and someone falling asleep. Plus, a little Halloween surprise from Ellen!
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Lauren Graham on Ellen, 9-14-10

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Psychic Prank Call – So Graham Norton

Graham makes a prank call to a psychic.

Graham Hancock – Fingerprints of God and Supernatural

VOD release of DMT: The Spirit Molecule in Oct 2011. Visit the official website for more updates:

Graham Norton – Public Restroom Prank

Graham Norton and guests prank some women using a remote fart machine and microphones… oh yeah, in a PUBLIC RESTROOM!
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POLICE PSYCHICS: FIND ME with Kelly Snyder, Valerie Graham & Treyce d’Gabriel-Montoya. – pt4

Nov 9, 2010 International handwriting expert, Treyce d’Gabriel-Montoya, shares little-known secrets about handwriting analysis and life-changing programs International handwriting expert, Treyce d’Gabriel-Montoya. Author of “Written Violence-the Personality behind the Pen,” “Finding Mr. and Mrs. Write,” & “Dangerous Ink.” She’s the creator of a handwriting program that has changed the lives of children, teens and adults around the world. A certified teacher with a forensic psychology degree, she’s worked on high profile cases including Michael Jackson. She is part of the Findme team. Source files from:
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Pranks Call’s with Graham & Winston

Me and all my friends went to see TRON : Legacy and then i had 2 friends sleep over and we decided to prank call. Soooooo yah!!!! WE HAD A BLAST PRANK CALLING. Good times Good times!!!
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Usher, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber’s prank calls – The Graham Norton Show preview – BBC One

More about this programme: Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus and R&B superstar Usher drop in for a chat with Graham Norton.
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Monuments to Life – Graham Hancock: The Sphinx

Explores the convergence of the Great Sphinx, pyramids, and a lost continent.

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