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Gran Turismo 5 Bugatti Veyron.wmv

Buggati with over a 1000 horse power
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*FREE* X1 Racer Gran Turismo 5

PSN: CH-fb32 or Cheez-it_JRG Send me a message on the PSN with the car you are offering and i will put you on the list of people that want this car. Red Bull X2010 S. Vettle Don’t send until i send you a message, then clone your best/offered car and send it and you will get the X1 in return same day…within minutes of me receiving the car.
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Gran Turismo 5 – Tank Car – Jay Leno

You can get this car by winning the “American Championship” in A-Spec

Gran Turismo® 5

Gran Turismo 5 Drift – Nordschleife Smoke Show in HD

my attempt in drifting the green hell although hardly a perfect run but i thought i will still share it with you guys. a complete lap of nurburgring, no editing to only keep the best parts just record and upload.
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Mercedes SLS Forza 3 vs Gran Turismo 5 | Side by Side

Just something I wanted to do. I really prefer the sound of Forza 3.

Gran Turismo 5 – Audi R10 at Circuit De La Sarthe

My new Audi R10 from 2006, driving at circuit de la sarthe with others pro. cars. I know that there are black frames in the video … I regret Link to my website: Watch the video in 720 p.! More tags Sunny day Gameplay theeurope320 europe320 ps3. “high speed” “classic cars” bikes “grand prix” stunt driving
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Gran Turismo 5 Drift – Advanced Online Tandem Drifting (1080P HD)

Shout out to my nigerian friend from the other side of the world in sponsoring this HD video recorder for all the upcoming videos here are some drifting practice featuring SKL-Kaizer and jross427

Crazy Ride In A Ferrari F430 – Gran Turismo Event Zandvoort 2011

Last Friday i was at the track of Zandvoort because ther was a big event called Gran Turismo Zandvoort 2011. during this event there was this good looking Ferrari F430. In the video you will see this beast in action with a pair lovely sounds like: Downshifts, Hard Accelerations and many more!! I hope you like this video of the crazy ride in the ferrari F430 so please leave your comment!! For more of this F430 subscribe on my channel!! Thanks for the great ride!! Tomedelic1 For The Best Of Exotic Car Video’s In Full HD

The Top Ten Moves of Gran Naniwa

Rounding out the top tens for a short while with another that was hyped a while ago. Gran Naniwa got his start with Michinoku Pro Wrestling in 1993, and won over the fans with his comedic gimmick featuring various Crab mannerisms. Despite the comical appearance and mannerisms, Naniwa was someone who could get it done in the ring. In 1994, he became involved in the war against KAIENTAI DX, wrestling them in various forms of matches over several years. In 1995, he entered the Mask League tournament, finishing near the bottom of the brackets, and forced to put his mask on the line against Gorgon Cross(better known as Jerry Lynn). Naniwa would win, thus saving his mask. He would represent Michinoku Pro in the Super J Cup, losing to Jushin “Thunder” Lyger in the quarter finals. 1996 saw the KDX war intensify, and Naniwa was right there on the front line, though he usually wasn’t the one scoring the win, but also wasn’t usually taking the pinfall loss, either. He was scheduled to compete for ECW in 1997, but an injury forced him out. He would eventually wrestle for the promotion in 1998. Back in Japan, he returned home to Michinoku Pro, and even scored a win over a young Tiger Mask IV, who at that point was seen as the future of Jr. Heavyweight wrestling in Japan. However, the strains of wrestling at such a young age, Naniwa’s body began to fail him. He would sit out almost all of the next six years, eventually returning for a few shows in 2005. Since then, however, Naniwa wasn
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