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Konspirační teorie s Jesse Venturou – HAARP (CZ Titulky)

Taky vám připadá, že se s počasím za poslední roky něco děje? Taky vás vyplavily bleskové záplavy, přišla vám loňská tuhá zima neobvyklá? Že se příroda zbláznila a počasí si dělá co chce? Nenechte se vysmát, příroda už dávno nedrží v rukách otěže k počasí. Kontrolu nad počasím převzaly tajné služby a organizace. Tam zničí úrodu, aby „charitativní složky” mohli solidárně kompenzovat škody geneticky modifikovanými potravinami, jinde zase způsobí zemětřesení, aby do postižených oblastí mohli vyslat „záchranné vojenské jednotky”… Komunisty oblíbené heslo poručíme větru dešti je v 21. století za vydatné podpory práškování z proudových letadel, HAARPu a mikrovlnných pozemních vysílačů běžnou realitou současnosti. Jen je nežádoucí, aby jste o tom věděli, proto se o tom nikdy nedočtete v novinách, nebo tyto fakta nikdy neuslyšíte v televizním zpravodajství a naopak dokonce dokáží lehce ovlivnitelné jedince přesvědčit o tom, že ti, kteří na tyto teorie věří, jsou blázni, paranoici a pro společnost nebezpeční šílenci… Že se s počasím opravdu něco děje a na obloze často pozorujeme velmi podivné ukazy, které tam nikdy předtím nebyly, musí uznat i ten největší zabedněnec a ignorant. Jesse Ventura se prostřednictvím televize TruTV opět pouští do odkrývání záhad a tajemství o kterých jste možná ani nevěděli.


my point is all the time what we hear in the media( Islamic group is trying to bomb, American gov Invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, oil price is heading .00 per gallon, tax-income is increasing) but the real Question is have we ever heard of HAARP, Illuminati, bohemian grove, bilderberg group, Fed is a private bank!!, new world order, JFK, MLK, or Freemasons, not any of them what i suggest you and everyone breaths the air of the United States to watch. below i will put links that will help you to understand what i mentioned above is about. 1- ILLUMINATI PROJECT part 1 ( ) 2- Former BBC Reporter Alan Hart Reveals ‘Mossad’ Involved in 9/11 on Alex Jones Tv 1/5 ( ) 3- The Assassination of JFK Junior 1/11 ( ) 4- Former Pakistani ISI Chief Hamid Gul: “God Help America!!” – The Alex Jones Show 1/4 ( ) 5- Fulford & Rockefeller: The Japan Interview part 1 ( ) 6- BILDERBERG: The systemic conspiracy: Estulin ( ) 7- Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove Part 1/9 HD ( ) 8- Alex Jones asks David Gergen about Bohemian Grove Rituals ( ) 9- CIA and Satanism 1/8 ( ) 10 – The Illuminati Deception 01/13 – Satanic Despotism ( ) 11- Ray McGovern on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:IRAN is IRAQ Part 2 ( ) 12- Zeitgeist – The Movie: Federal Reserve (Part 1 of 5) ( ) 13- Secret History of the Freemasons (Part 1 of 9) ( www

A “HAARP” attack in China?

Over a period of almost two days (May 9-10, 2008) numerous prominences and extensions danced above the Sun’s edge as seen in the extreme UV wavelength by the STEREO (behind) spacecraft. Some of these broke away from the Sun and others were forced by magnetic forces back into the Sun. But near the clip’s end a narrow burst of material can be seen shooting out of an active region near the Sun’s edge. Scientists describe it as a small coronal mass ejection. Solar Explosion (wikipedia) Solar flares are an example of explosion common on the Sun, and presumably on most other stars as well. The energy source for solar flare activity comes from the tangling of magnetic field lines resulting from the rotation of the Sun’s conductive plasma.

Hivemind Radio ep. # 23 – Earth Alchemy, Sun Changes, HAARP and the Mind-controlled Truth Movement

Topics discussed include: Solar Flares, Japanese Tsunami, HAARP conspiracy theories, Super Moon, Hollow Earth Seismology, “Truth Movement” Deception… and more. Please support the show and consider making a donation if you can @ my blog which is — I would really appreciate it. It would appear blogtalk is messing with the show numbers as well… not sure why. website email me: HAARP Induction Magnetometer: relevant links:

BREAKING NEWS: Hugo Chavez Acuses America of using HAARP to cause Haitian Earthquake

(End of the World is coming December 21, 2012 prophecy. The Maya’s “Long Count” calendar marks the end of every 5126-year era. A previous cycle ended 13363 years ago–during the age of Leo, at the same time when the Earth was struck by comets and asteroids. The next cycle ends on 2012. Does this mean the world end on 2012? No. It means the calendar ends. Yet, there is also a warning, so let those with eyes, see.) (Planet X Inbound 2012 Mayan Calendar). (alien) (ufo) (solar system) (video biblical prophecy) (Sumerian) (Egyptian) (ancient) (atlantis) (sinking continent) (earth changes) (climate) (sun solar flare) (humans will not survive) The future of mankind for the next 3 years (2009 2010 2011) (December 21 2012 the world as we know it is in for some dramatic and devastating changes. (ufo) (area 51) (mystery flying saucer) (alien conspiration) (UFO China) (flyingsaucer) (spaceship) (Mehdi mahdi dajjal) (antichrist) (christ) (jesus) (ufo) (Messiah) (saucer) (ufos) (deccal) (Extraterrestrial) (ET) (Ufo Near Plane Miami) (anti-christ) (islam) ( alien aliens) (nasa) (alien corpse body) (ufo haiti crash) (scary) (scariest video ever) (roswell new mexico area 51) (alien baby) (ufo) weird crazy (area 51) Peru (google earth) indiana jones (cropcircles) (wtc7 1111) UFO (arecibo) ( reply message) alien (2012) (jaime maussan) (consciousness) (spiritual) (911) (9/11) (star beings) (UFO) gottigo (ufo alien aliens) (strange) wtf (ovni) (ALIEN) (UFO INVASION) (REAL GIANT) (NEPHILIM
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NZ What is This Loud NOISE IS IT HAARP? 2011

From America: We had a lot of calls early Wednesday evening, primarily from the area from Woodville to Crawfordville, about rumbling sounds that sounded like a freight train, with residents fearing it was a tornado. But, it was NOT. The leading edge of thunderstorms was well to the south by that time, and while there were still rumbles of thunder, the severe weather was over. It was certainly unusual, and for those residents – a bit scary, but it was not a funnel cloud or tornado. It was likely a phenomena called “ducting”, and the Tallahassee National Weather Service office addressed it in the special statement below. (Thanks Tallahassee NWS!) ———————————– SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE TALLAHASSEE FL 718 PM EST WED MAR 9 2011 JACKSON-CALHOUN-INLAND GULF-INLAND FRANKLIN-GADSDEN-LEON- INLAND JEFFERSON-LIBERTY-INLAND WAKULLA-COASTAL GULF-COASTAL FRANKLIN-COASTAL JEFFERSON-COASTAL WAKULLA-SEMINOLE-DECATUR-GRADY-THOMAS 718 PM EST WED MAR 9 2011 /618 PM CST WED MAR 9 2011/ …STRANGE SOUNDS BEING REPORTED ACROSS THE FLORIDA BIG BEND… THERE HAVE BEEN SEVERAL REPORTS OF VERY STRANGE SOUNDS FROM THE WOODVILLE AREA SINCE ABOUT 645 PM EST. THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE BELIEVES THIS PHENOMENON IS BEING CAUSED BY THUNDER FROM DISTANT LIGHTNING STROKES… BOUNCING OFF A VERY STABLE LAYER ABOVE THE GROUND. THIS IS CALLED DUCTING…AND CAN ALLOW SOUND TO TRAVEL UNUSUALLY LONG DISTANCES. THIS SOUND HAS BEEN MISTAKENLY ATTRIBUTED TO POSSIBLE
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Ufo Strategic Defense and HAARP UFO UFO Videos UFO Sighting Alien Pictures Abduction Mutilation Extraterrestrial 2010

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mind control, weather control, satalite weapon, the ultimate weapon
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clouds above HAARP

peace :)

Angels Still Don’t Play This HAARP – FULL LENGTH

Based on the best selling book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, narrator Dr. Nick Begich presents a compelling discussion of one of the important military advances of the United States government. The technology is designed to manipulate the environment in a number of ways that can jam all global communications, disrupt weather systems, interfere with migration patterns, disrupt human mental processes, negatively affect your health and disrupt the upper atmosphere. The US military calls this new zapper the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP. The rest of the story is revealed in the patents, technical papers and other documents that continue to emerge regarding this project. Begich has presented on the subject as an expert witness for the European Parliament, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Security and Defense Policy Subcommittee on Security and Disarmament, GLOBE and others. In a useful and important book, Manning and Begich have attacked many problems and told many stories. Best of all they have told how they and a gallant lot of nongovernment people in Alaska have fought battles to expose the HAARP project, which is the latest modernization of the Pentagon’s electromagnetic warfare preparations, under test in the Alaskans’ own backyard. HAARP has been a mysterious project, whose true nature has been hidden, they say, by lies and disinformation. It has posed as university ionospheric research, which it only partly is, so as to conceal its military

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