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Playing With Puppets – Halloween Special – Scream if You Hear Me

It’s a dark and stormy Halloween night for your favorite puppet pals, its a perfect night for some old school pranks. Some are better than others, some completely sucky. What we all know is Teresa so

Halloween 2008 Scares

This year we used our Electric Chair with a sander attached to it, and me and my brother in law dressed up in costumes. A special thank you to Nicole for executing children in the chair and Neil for taping and escorting the children to the scares

Moose River Halloween (Around 4 ft.)

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Happy Halloween From Temple Football

The Temple Football staff played a Halloween Prank on the players, placing a very large, life-like rat in a cooler that, as far as the players knew, contained Gatorade and Protein Shakes. As you can imagine, some classic reactions ensued…
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WNT Halloween in Mexico

The US WNT celebrates Halloween 2010 in Cancun, Mexico at the WWCQ Tournament.
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Halloween Prank Dummy Jumps Out Of A Window Woman Gets Scared!…
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The Best Halloween Scare!

Jon Vollmer under estimated the creepiness of a clown!

Ellen- Ellen scares her guests for Halloween

A montage from the Halloween episode of Ellen. She scares her guests and even some of the audience before tapings.
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Funny Halloween Candy Prank Call – OwnagePranks.mp4

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Halloween scary prank. My friend’s mom shits herself. funny.

I scared my friends mom with this scary maze game, but something goes terribly wrong. She shits herself. Watch and laugh.

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