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Bloody Hand Scare Prank

I removed to garbage disposal from the sink, covered my hand in fake blood, hid under the sink and scared Nikki while she was doing dishes. Subscribe to our vlog Scroll down for FACEBOOK TWITTER G+ etc Address: Nikki and John Dahl PO box 127 Norco, CA 92860 Our T-shirt Store: (USA) T-shirts in the UK (UK) Our Facebook Fanpage: Twitter: Johns Twitter: Nikkis twitter Google PLUS us! Nikki’s G+ : John’s Website:
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Drive Thru Pranks – Severed Hand – HaanZFilms Drive Thru Pranks. A prank video I did where I switch bags at a drive thru & the new bag has a severed human hand (fake of course, well…maybe?) and see the employees reaction to this awkward situation they have been put in. HaanZFilms
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How To Put Your Hand In Your Pocket

just a short tutorial on how to put your hand in your pocket for all those spastics wondering. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE DRY TUTORIALS!!!

BK Pranks – Hold My Hand by Michael Jackson Prank at Dominos

Dominos pranks call, im singing the order to hold my hand by Michael Jackson. please SUBSCRIBE for more pranks!!!

Hand made fake bloody tampon

A real tampon covered with fake blood. Easily portable and easy to make. Obtain tampon, obtain fake blood, combine, ???? Profit!
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Basic Sleight of Hand Magic Tricks : More Ball & Cup Magic Tricks

Watch examples of more ball and cup routines in thisfree sleight of hand magic tricks video. Expert: Malik Haddadi Contact: Bio: Malik Haddadi is a magical comedy entertainer, balloon artist, and juggler with over 15 years experience. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
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Cut my Hand Off Prank

Click The Links and Follow Us! A New Window will Open Facebook – Twitter – http Daily Booth – BUY A SWEATYGHOST SHIRT NOW!! Thnx! I Pulled an April Fools Day prank on Matt. I DO FEEL BAD FOR PULLING THIS PRANK! April Fools Pranks are funny until I have to clean up the mess. I wish I had a better angle for matts face he was pale white Click The Links and Follow Us! A New Window will Open Facebook – Twitter – Daily Booth – BUY A SWEATYGHOST SHIRT NOW!! Thnx! tags * prank * pranked * april * fool * fools * fool’s * break * * funny funny april fools day pranks Cut off finger prank Scare Prank april fools prank scary prank funniest pranks funny prank

Hand Feeding A Bird

Top 25 Beautiful Actors and Actress Tattoos Based on Autumn Reeser, Ava Gardner, Avery Brooks, Avril Angers, Aya Sumika, Ayelet Zurer, Ayesha Dharker, Aziz Ansari, Azura Skye, BD Wong, BJ Novak, Badja Djola, Bai Ling, Bailey Chase, Ballard Berkeley, Balthazar Getty, Bam Margera, Barbara Alyn Woods, Barbara Babcock, Barbara Bain, Barbara Barrie, Barbara Bates, Barbara Baxley, Barbara Bedford, Barbara Bel Geddes
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funny prank whipped cream on hand while sleeping

Ya boi Benjamin and Jerome pull a prank on our lil brother jamal while he slept in from his first party last night.
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Stick Your Hand in There Dude

DANIELSWOODLAND.COM The Tree House Guys know how to make “Real Fake Fire” using lights and steam. We have a lot of fun playing pranks on people with it.
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