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OI RACIST!!!! MESSAGE FOR YOU Anjem Choudary, And All You Other Dark Skinned Haters Of “Whitey”.

You Want To Kill Yourselfs.
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MESSAGE TO ALL CASEY ANTHONY HATERS! Casey Anthony Verdict: Found Not Guilty of Murder (07.05.11)

abc news Casey Anthony verdict not guilty us
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haters gonna hate, low volume audio prank ideas

distasteful humour at a tastey applebees, a grocery store and other such places, like the bumper cart place, this is to a man who called me unintelligent, unwitty, and unfunny on the internet via a youtube comment, by the way, i also have bad volume control to you forgot to mention that
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(Unreleased) Mike Posner – Haters (produced by Mike Posner)

Available on iTunes 9-9-2011 Available on iTunes 9-9-2011 Available on iTunes 9-9-2011 Nino Marron feat Mike Posner – “Haters” produced by Mike Posner

Player Haters – Pellet Poppin (episode 4)

The characters from Player Haters “rescue” Pacman from the ghosts! However, things don’t go as expected!!! Watch the whole Player Haters series: Visit us at Friend us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter:

Chinese Guy HATES YouTube Haters

I hate YouTube Hater because they drunk too much Hatorade so I tell them fuck off monkey or else I tell my White bodyguard to crush them. Song: “Ayo” by The Arka Teks Connect with Peter Chao: PETER CHAO’S OTHER CHANNEL! PETER CHAO TWITTER FIND ME ON FACEBOOK

Iyaz- Replay (Remix) – Haters in Haiti

enjoy this hatas activism, advertising, alcohol, alternative-news, ancient-history, animals, animation, anime, architecture, arts, astronomy, atheist, bizarre, blogs, books, buddhism, business, cars, cartoons, cats, celebrities, christianity, classic-rock, clothing,…

Brett Keane, His Critics, and His Haters

I am pretty critical of Brett Kean here. I do not want to drive him off of Youtube. I hope he will come back after resting a few weeks and continue making his videos. However, I hope he will take constructive criticism by other atheists to heart and that he will modify his behavior accordingly. Nobody is above criticism, and to say “you shouldn’t criticize me publicly or you’ll hurt atheism” is wrong, especially when you go and criticize other atheists. Some clown imitating Hardcaseownsyou sent Brett an email attacking his wife and daughter. Around the same time, the real Hardcaseownsyou sent Brett an email saying he didn’t like what Brett was doing and challenging him to a debate. Brett confused the two and told the real Hardcase to fuck off and informing him that he was blocked. This caused the real Hardcase to post his video “owning” Brett. Brett then mischaracterized Hardcase’s legitimate criticism as a pure hate video. Compare Brett Keane’s characterization of Hardcaseownsyou’s videos with the original videos. Check out the videos by NickGisburne: He is the voice of measured Atheistic reason (actually, there are lots of voices of reason, but I think Nick’s is the best.) Nick shows how you can present facts without vitriol. And he does this with a good sense of humor. Check out the sloth in the first part of his Noah’s Ark trilogy—make sure you watch till the end. www
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That’s Gay: Michigan is for Haters?

Bryan Safi chronicles the bizarre meltdown of obsessive anti-gay Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell. If you thought college was just about studying and football games, then you’ve obviously never been to a dining hall tater tot orgy like Bryan. That’s Gay is a recurring segment on the weekly television show infoMania. In each episode of That’s Gay, Bryan Safi explores gay issues and stereotypes as they are portrayed by the clueless media. For more Bryan visit and Current TV. infoMania is a half-hour satirical news show that airs Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV.
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