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Epic Prank Scary! Girl Freaks Out by ghost in a haunted house Caught on Video

Epic Scare Prank! Girl Freaks out by ghost in a haunted house Caught on Video! Funny as hell. We decided to go ghost hunting, got a little bored and decided to scare the hell out of everybody. Funny as hell! Weall love a good scare, and if you love pranks, scary videos and the weird strange or things gone wrong, you’ve come to the right place. Panic Attack Videos offers the best scary videos, funny pranks and funniest bloopers. We love setting up our friends and family and capturing people awesome reactions on film for everyone to see. From scaring the crap out of their friends to making really spooky videos was the thing they enjoyed most. Laugh along to the hilarious reactions of people as they are caught off guard and everything is caught on video. Other Videos that will make you Jump, Scream, Cry and laugh Visit us @ See us on Twitter! http See us on Facebook! And keep updated on our scary pranks, funny pranks and bloopers. ______________________________________________ SCARY OR FUNNY PRANK IDEA Do you have a scary or funny prank idea? Submit your idea to us by channel comment or email us at We love to give people nightmares forever. ______________________________________________ OTHER SCARY VIDEOS AND FUNNY PRANKS- Really Scary Video Scary Video gone wrong chased by DEVIL Worshipers in woods Part 1 Scary Pranks-unbelievable video man jumps through a window -very scary videos www

greatest prank ever! (haunted house)

since youtube banned my SAMBOY6875 account b/c of viacom(i hate them)im putting all my new videos on this one…so all my friends hear bout this legend of a supposedly haunted house so we all decide to take a tour of it…but little did I know that my friend was in the home waiting for can see me walking up the stairs and as I am looking up a figure peeks around the corner…all black …FYI this house is in the woods almost a mile from anything,secluded and 2 people died in it 75 years ago…trust me its creepy!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Halloween Prank or Haunted House?

I saw this in the window of an old house about a quarter mile from where I live. A Halloween Prank or an ominous message??
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Mr Tik The Haunted Corpes

Mr. Tik and His cosin needs to go to the grave yard for a body! but they are to wimp!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

2010 Night Of The Haunted

A Supernatural Evening Hosted By Lorraine Warren, Ryan Buell, & Tony Spera For decades you’ve seen them on television, heard them featured on the radio, and read their books, now dine and bare witness to the case files of Demonologist Ed & Psychic Lorraine Warren. Join the famed psychic investigator Lorraine Warren as she and The New England Society For Psychic Research Director Tony Spera , & Special Guest from A&E’s Paranormal state, Ryan Buell.take you into the realm of the Supernatural & Preternatural. A world of Demons, Devils, Saints, & Angels, witches, poltergeists, and those Things that go Bump in the Night. Enjoy a Full Course Dinner & Speak in Person with Lorraine Warren, Ryan Buell, & Tony Spera. After dinner you will be shown “Rare Video of Ghosts, Exorcisms, and a True Case Files of a Lycanthropy”; (werewolf they investigated in London) captured during the Warren investigations. See a “Young Girl” in a haunted house who “levitates” out of her bed across a room. See video about “Dolls that kill” (from The Warren’s private “Occult Museum,” the only one of its kind in the World), Some of the many “Highlights” you will witness contain the “Only Video” ever recorded of the ghostly figure “The White Lady of Union Graveyard” in Easton, CT. “Occult Items” (that have been used in Black magic & Diabolical Rituals),.Venture into the most “Haunted areas of Scotland.” You will be Educated & Entertained as “Lorraine Warren Ruan Buell,& Tony Spera personally Host your

The Haunted Boy (Paranormal Investigation Files) A Booth Brothers Production Preview

The Paranormal Investigation Files. WARNING: Graphic depiction of possession. Audio contains Electronic Voice Phenomena (sounds of the dead) and actual recorded exorcisms. Intended for mature audiences and may be disturbing to some viewers. While filming a haunted asylum in St. Louis, Missouri, documentary filmmakers uncover a secret diary of the infamous 1949 exorcism of a 13 year old boy possessed by the devil that later inspired the book and movie “The Exorcist”. Utilizing hi-tech paranormal gadgetry along with a legion of supernatural experts they search out to capture the scariest entity known to man, the Unholy Ghost. Nothing you have ever seen or heard before gets you closer to the ungodly truth of what really happened in this most terrifying, best selling story of all time! For the first time ever, investigate the real ‘Exorcist’ house and the infamous Haunted Boy’s bedroom where this horrific exorcism occurred. Battle demons while exploring ancient churches and asylums with the last surviving priests. Witness never-before-seen video, historical events, paranormal evidence from the actual case files. Exclusive interviews with the real Exorcist’s and Haunted Boy’s blood line. This is the untold story of “The Exorcist”, a chronicle of true events based on the priest’s secret diary the world was not to see, Until Now! OCTOBER Download songs at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Haunted Boy (promo stills) Original Soundtrack Christopher Saint

WARNING: Graphic depiction of possession. Audio contains Electronic Voice Phenomena(sounds of the dead) and actual recorded exorcisms. Intended for mature audiences and may be disturbing to some viewers.Promo Stills and Music fromThe Haunted Boy Original Soundtrack includes EVP’s, voices of the dead and actual exorcism audio. A Musical horror masterpiece by Christopher Saint that immerses you into a terrifying paranormal journey of the real diary that inspired the book and movie “The Exorcist”. Downlaod song at
Video Rating: 5 / 5

BVL Haunted House part 2

Halloween 08

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