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Haunting Images from the Sun

April 21, 2011 marks the one-year anniversary of the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) First Light press conference, where NASA revealed the first images taken by the spacecraft. In the last year, the sun has gone from its quietest period in years to the activity marking the beginning of solar cycle 24. SDO has captured every moment with a level of detail never-before possible. The mission has returned unprecedented images of solar flares, eruptions of prominences, and the early stages of coronal mass ejections (CMEs). In this video are some of the most beautiful, interesting, and mesmerizing events seen by SDO during its first year. In the order they appear in the video the events are: 1. Prominence Eruption from AIA in 304 Angstroms on March 30, 2010. 2. Cusp Flow from AIA in 171 Angstroms on February 14, 2011. 3. Prominence Eruption from AIA in 304 Angstroms on February 25, 2011. 4. Cusp Flow from AIA in 304 Angstroms on February 14, 2011. 5. Merging Sunspots from HMI in Continuum on October 24-28, 2010. 6. Prominence Eruption and active region from AIA in 304 Angstroms on April 30, 2010. 7. Solar activity and plasma loops from AIA in 171 Angstroms on March 4-8, 2011. 8. Flowing plasma from AIA in 304 Angstroms on April 19, 2010. 9. Active regions from HMI in Magnetogram on March 10, 2011. 10. Filament eruption from AIA in 304 Angstroms on December 6, 2010. 11. CME start from AIA in 211 Angstroms on March 8, 2011. 12. X2 flare from AIA in 304 Angstroms on February 15, 2011.

Ed and Lorraine Warren: The Haunting In Connecticut

Ed and Lorraine Warren are joined by Mr. Zaffis who spent nine straight weeks living in and investigating a haunted funeral home. This is a particularly terrifying story which was told in more detail in the book, In the Dark Places: Story of a True Haunting. This former funeral home is in Southington, CT, and the events depicted occurred in 1988. A family had moved into the home as renters, not realizing – and not told – that it was formerly a funeral home. They soon started experiencing horrific encounters with demons that Ed describes as demonic, or diabolical, and not human spirits. These encounters included seeing ghosts, being physically hurt, and even being sexually attacked. By the time the family contacted the Warrens for help, two of the females living there had experienced this horror. Hear Ed and Lorraine’s first-hand accounts of the time they spent in the home and what they suspect caused this diabolical haunting that eventually received one of the last formal exorcisms endorsed by the Catholic Church. Watch the complete show here

ghost and demon haunting

this is real ghosts and demon haunting, very scary was hard ntp make video with all these demons around me. PRANK god bless

Ghost in the Country – The Haunting in Eads (Poltergeist Activity)

CSPR TV brings you part 1 of the investigation of the Ghost in the Country – The Haunting in Eads, TN. This haunted residence has a lot of poltergeist & creepy activity. This Cryptic Shadows Paranormal Investigation proved to be quite eerie with paranormal activity! We in fact had a terrible time getting this evidence put together….something kept interfering with the results. It is still incomplete & some parts of this episode are missing, but we’ll take what we can get. :) We do not own any rights to the song. Thanks!

Ghost Haunting the Cooper Homestead…Revisited On March 8th 2009 The MVP’s Team (Mountain Valley Paranormal Society) chose to revisit what is known as the Cooper Homestead in Coaldale Colorado which date’s back to the 1870’s. Previous investigations have suggested paranormal activity and this was no exception…. PLEASE NOTE- We normally don’t allow anyone under the age of 18 to participate in investigations. We were testing a new IR system and the Cooper Homestead is located on a members property so we allow “Our kids” to conduct an investigation of their own…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A Haunting on Snyder Lane

At night, two possessed girls with bats are after two regular dudes who just bought a new bike………..
Video Rating: 0 / 5

The Fear Is Real: Reinvestigating The Haunting (in Connecticut)

Parts 1 and 2 of a documentary featuring interviews with the family that the 2009 film “The Haunting In Connecticut” was based on. Also features clips from the movie.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mackinac Haunting

These are real ghost stories from out visit at the Grand Hotel in Mackinaw Island. After reviewing the video closely we found a faint image that appears to be a real ghost! It appears at mark 1,50 in the video. See if you can spot it. copyrite zemo films
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Slayer – Haunting The Chapel [Studio Version]

Album: Haunting The Chapel Lyrics: The holy cross Symbol of lies Intimitade the lives of Christian born Speak of death The words of hate Anticipation grows amongst the dead Hell has seen The priests attempt To bring forth their lord of the cross Strike of twelve Raise the dead The chapel comes under attack The ghosts of sin Torment the priests Their altar will soon be destroyed Heaven’s palace Turning black The church now belongs to the dead Blackened magic Infest with lust Lucifer rules supreme The crystal ball shows unknown fate The last thing that’s heard is the screams Ghosts from hell invade this feeble shrine Heaven’s holy house will fall in time Satan’s morbid soldiers chant in lust Destruction of the church we’ll burn the cross Attacking angels as they pray to god Tormented preachers hail the twisted cross Haunting the chapel Hell’s demons prevail Death has come The house of god has failed
Video Rating: 4 / 5

University of Illinois | Haunting

There are legends of different ghost stories around the University of Illinois campus, one of which revolves around the English building and the supposed suicide of one of the students.

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