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Prankpad Hawaii trip
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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Tour of The Island Hawaii Oahu Finish The Last Race PART 2 HD

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Tour of The Island Finish The Last Race

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Tour of The Island Hawaii Oahu Finish The Last Race PART 3 HD

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Tour of The Island Finish
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CSAV Hawaii: Best Science Magic Trick Candle & Water

Amazing magic trick you can do at home! Make water defy gravity, as it fills a drinking glass that is upside down. Ingredients: Plate, candle, lighter, glass of water, food dye. Text in the video explains scientific principles. CSAV uses this demonstration to teach school children about science; it is also an excellent trick you can perform at birthday parties. NOTE: This is very similar to the old “CSAV Hawaii: Best Science Magic Trick with Water,” except the newer version has more precise details about what causes the formation of the partial vacuum inside the glass. Viewers have been requesting more details on how this magic trick works, so if you want more details, keep reading. First, you need to recognize that air has weight. At sea level, the air piled up above you puts 14.7 pounds of pressure onto every square inch (PSI) of surface area it contacts. Air is composed of several gases, including oxygen, and fire needs oxygen to burn. You can demonstrate this by lighting a small candle and then placing a drinking glass over it; the candle will burn up the oxygen trapped in the glass, and then the flame will go out, since fresh oxygen from outside the glass is unable to replace it. But as the candle burns up the oxygen, it produces carbon dioxide and water vapor, because the candle is made up of paraffin, a hydrocarbon (C25H52). The formula for this reaction is: 2 (C25H52) + 38(O2) = 25(CO2) + 26(H2O) You know that the drinking glass is cold, from room temperature, but
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Singto Numchok(Thai) at 41st Annual (Hawaii) Ukulele Festival 2011 part 1

Singto Numchok , Ribbee Boutique Thailand หนึ่งเดียวจากไทยที่ได้เล่นงาน นี้ ซึ่งเป็นเทศกาล Ukulele ที่ยิ่งใหญ่ที่สุดในโลก Singto Numchok in 41st Annual (Hawaii) Ukulele Festival 2011 Part2 Sunday, July 17, 2011 9am – 2pm (Hawaii Time) 12pm – 5pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Hawaii Transport: From the Big Island to Atlanta

When Georgia Aquarium partnered with Dolphin Quest in Hawaii, they knew it was going to be a big undertaking — moving dolphins to their new home at AT&T Dolphin Tales. See the dedication of trainers and the behind-the-scenes preparations that must take place to ensure the dolphins’ readiness for their big move, as well as their safety and comfort during the transport. After all, this is precious cargo.
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Hawaii Ponoi @ Kahala Nui Retirement Home !

national anthem of Hawaii kaylees in the middle pow on your left !

English Cocker Spaniels In Hawaii

This is a lady named Takako I see everyday walking her trained dogs. I had to pop out my Nexus One phone and record them.

Cloud-Surfing UFO Over Hawaii Caught on 4 Cameras! February 25, 2011 [AdDeNDuM]

IMPORTANT!! This is an addendum to Part 1 so please see it if you haven’t yet: I almost forgot to check the other cameras (stationed at the CFHT Observatory in Hawaii) for the same date & time as the original cloudcam sighting… glad I didn’t forget, ’cause sure enough, we get to see the object cruising for a good while (I think 2+ hours in total?) Again, the webcams take 1 picture every 60 seconds, so in reality it was strait CRUISIN’ at a pretty slow rate of speed. Mew~ Pretty cloud cam (HD): The other four cameras’ quality cannot compare to that of the cloudcam, but then again, I imagine none ever could… So we have NORTH, SOUTH, NNE and NNW cams the NNE cam is the same view as the cloudcam but not the same camera and I think it is mounted lower as welllll. I noticed the object in corresponding timeline on each of the additional webcams EXCEPT for the one facing straight North. Le meow 😀

Massive UFO Sightings In Hawaii 2010

Best UFO’s Caught On Tape In the State of Hawaii!!
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