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Funniest Prank Calls – PRANK CALL LOL HILARIOUS – Pest Control

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Hilarious Call of Duty Prank Call!

Check it out!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

SHIT On My Doorstep!!! – Angry Man! Hilarious Prank Call!

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HIlarious Rosetta Stone Prank Phone Call

Download our brand new toolbar for FREE Jared prank calls Rosetta Stone and tries to order a new language…. Really for 9? that’s a ripoff 😛 REQUEST YOUR OWN PRANK CALL IDEAS ON OUR WEBSITE

Hilarious Prank Call GONE BAD!!!

Well we made a mistake calling my friend. I had to call his phone multiple times for him to pick up, eventually he picked up but it was his mother on the line!!! Well it was a disaster as you will see. Facebook: Twitter: Prank Dial:

Hilarious Jack Nicholson Prank Call: “Jack Joins the YMCA”

Hilarious Jack Nicholson Prank Call: Jack Joins the YMCA — Jack calls the Y about a membership and has a hilarious chat with the guy working there.

Hilarious Popeyes Prank Call – Best Ever! [WYW Ltd]

Why is it that its always Pakistanis working at Popeyes? Weird…


10000 likes? Where this all happens LIVE! — Gameplay: Hooker Prank Mastermind: Others in call: TWITTER—

Hilarious “A Plan For Grandma” Prank Call! PURE PRANK PWNAGE Visit for KILLER UNIQUE pranks, pranks gone WRONG, sexy girlfriend pranks, large scale pranks, hidden cam pranks, and more.. The call comes from Phone Losers of America ( One of the absolute funniest prank calls on the net, where a young man asks his “grandmother” about her will, and whether or not he’s in it. Then he goes on about getting her to move out of her house and into a retirement home!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Hilarious Jack Black soundboard prank call

Jack black gets down and dirty again with chicken mc-nuggets. Don’t tell him he can’t have 4 or he’ll tell you to shut up and listen to his order. I’d also advise against correcting his chicken nuggets with chicken stars.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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