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What It Takes To Be A Lip Sync Host

Do you want to be a Lip Sync host? Here are some of the things that we put our hosts through. Created by Sean Phillips and Chris “MO” Evans

CNews- Floyd Mayweather Argues With Radio Host Rude Jude About Ducking Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather Argues With Radio Host Rude Jude Of All Out Show About His Fighting Skills & Ducking Fights! -Get Off My D-ck Faggot
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Religious Public Access Host Badly Pranked

Unii au parte de apeluri… si nu pot scapa de ele…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Pranking TV with your host Liam Durney!

Do you wanna be a prankster here are some fun pranks to do anytime!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Live TV Prank Calls to Pro-9/11 Communist Public Access Host Jack Jersawitz

Highlights and lowlights of Jack Jersawitz’s live call in show, Brain Storms, originally aired on PeopleTV in Atlanta, GA in 2002. Hope you enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ouran High School Host Club – Original Prankster [Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin]

A tribute to Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin I hope you like it Song: Original Prankster Artist: The Offspring I DO NOT OWN THE ANIME OR THE SONG
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Radio Host Prank Calls Chinese Takeaways

Radio host calls a couple of Chinese Takeaways with hilarious results.

Casey Anthony trial verdict TV host Julie Chen breaks down on air

Casey Anthony trial verdict TV host Julie Chen breaks down on air

Public-access TV host bombarded with prank calls.

You have to love that this guy can keep a straight face while being steadily prank called over and over for at least five minutes. He keeps up a one sided conversation all the while. Hilarious. Update Feb 18th 2008 Wow YouTube, you guys really like this video eh? To think I can get a million views without owning a camera… If you want to find videos on your own I would suggest and show’s that just find crazy shows like AOTS Around the Net and Revidion 3’s Internet Superstar.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Bytejacker – Web Host MELTDOWN on camera

Frank sets up hidden cameras around the Revision3 office to show everyone what it’s like to work with Anthony. The results are nightmarish, SURPRISING NO ONE. We’re also taking a look at Stacking, Double Fine’s latest adventure game for Xbox 360/PS3. It’s about Russian nesting dolls, because Double Fine is awesome and weird. Monday: Drunk on Set Segment Description: Anthony starts the weekend off with a bang. Original Orson Welles clip here – RADAR: Stacking Review I love Double Fine. While their games can be a bit uneven, you can’t say that’s because of a lack of original ideas. Take their latest, Stacking. It’s an adventure game about Russian nesting dolls caught in the middle of a child labor crisis during the Depression. I can safely say I have not seen that attempted before. Adventure, PS3/XBLA, Double Fine, Tuesday: I Want You off the Set Anthony is a ‘method’ host. Nothing can be allowed to break his concentration. Original Christian Bale freakout – Free Indie Countdown #3 Beacon – Flash, Platformer, randomnine – #2 Super Treadmill – Flash, Arcade, Nitrome, Suggested by Matthew – #1 Fotonica – Flash, Action, Santa Ragione – Feedback: Best Non-Human Video Game Hero So, last week we asked you who the best non-human video game hero… and not a single person answered Sonic the Hedgehog. Which, like, I mean… points for originality here, guys, but not ONE of you? Weird. This week’s question
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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