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Disabled Kids Tied Down,Tortured,Shocked for Hours in Massachusetts – Original Video below

Innocent kids were tortured at Judge Rotenberg Center throughout the night: On Aug. 26, someone posing as a supervisor called in shock treatments on two students, aged 16 and 19. The teens were awakened in the middle of the night and given the shock treatments. Seven school officials at the special-needs school were fired after the incident which occured last August. A prankster, believed to be a former student of the Canton, Mass., school, reportedly posed as a member of the administration and phoned in instructions for shock therapy. Unaware that the phone call was a prank, school officials reportedly woke the two students up and delivered 77 shocks to one student and 29 to another — informing both that it was punishment for misbehavior earlier in the day. The Judge Rotenberg Center has used aversive shock therapy to treat children for the past 40 years. Despite the deaths of five children and numerous lawsuits, the JRC has managed to stay open. Since then, a US Department of Justice inquiry has been launched and further lawsuits have been brought against the JRC. In November 2011, The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services, the state agency that oversees the JRC, adopted new regulations banning the use of aversive shock therapy on new enrollees, although children and adults currently in the system will continue to receive aversive shock therapy. Massachusetts state legislature and DOJ is allowing this blatant torture
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Goa trance-fata morgana-Great mix 2012-2:40 Hours

ॐ alien homes ☮ love is the key ॐ support this ✿✿♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥•*”*•♪♫♥✿✿♥*”*•♪♫♥​Ƹ̵̡ Tracklisting: Prelude: Road To Shiraz, by RA Introduction by Ken Kesey, The Original Merry Prankster Vaporized & Confused, by Chromosome Yoga, by Lost Buddha The God Of Resurrection, by Visaj’ih Monkshroom, by Portamento Lifethread, by RA Reality Of Life, by Nova Fractal Mysterious Fantasy, by Artifact303 48 Hours, by Portamento Searching Ganesha, by E-Mantra Innerspace, by Innerspace Microspace, by Liquid Flow Trancemission, by Artifact303 Radiator, by Ethereal Koilon, by Astrancer Time Current (E-Mantra Remix), by RA Astral Plane, by Antares Origin Of Life, by Goalien Kosmodrom, by Eleusyn Distant Signals, by E-Mantra White Dwarf, by Portamento Molecular Restrictive, by Mindsphere Estimate Of Standing Crop, by Alienapia Dansul Ielelor (Neurosect Edit 2011), by E-Mantra Lepton Head Pt. 3, by Shakta & Deedrah Mindrama, by Mindsphere Epilogue: Rosin Memories, by Khetzal Outro .. Exiting The Matrix Many thanks to all the awesome artists and labels for keeping the goa spirit pumping. Namaste.

**ALERT** X 18 Solar Flare To Hit Earth Within 24 hours??

Powerfull X class solar flare do to hit earth within 24 hours? and we are not being warned nor told. Its only on this one website, no other NASA site has it that I could find. Use the bar graph at the bottom to prove if it’s an X. I am still working on the data, but it’s better safe then sorry. Link Please Join Our Planet-X Brown Dwarf Research Group on Paltalk Download Paltalk Messenger FREE Then Join This Room http
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48 Hours Mystery – Episode 24/31 (Part 2)

Three murders from Chicago to Los Angeles and an alleged serial killer on the run. Who’s killing this beautiful young women?
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Casey Anthony: Tony Pipitone & Mark O’Mara Analyze 48 Hours Mystery PROMO Added 8:08 AM EDT on 4/18/11 Casey Anthony: Is it a death-penalty case? What about glitch in ’48 Hours Mystery’?

Great funny prank leave confused for hours

This is a great prank that you can play on your friends! As long as they r not a computer geek like me that will be confused for hours! Have fun!
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After Hours Shaving Cream Pranks Part 3

Poor Anthony and Mickey didnt what they had coming to them hahahahahaha aawww poor things. Then it goes a little far i guess and mick snaps and pushes Edder! :-O oh well its still a funny video

BREAKING NEWS: Casey Anthony Ordered to Orlando in 72 Hours

OVERVIEW There should be a new law created called Caylee’s Law that will make it a felony for a parent or guardian to not notify law enforcement of a child going missing in a timely manner. Let’s keep another case like Caylee Anthony out of the courts. Contact your State Senators and Representatives. PETITION LETTER Create Caylee’s Law, Not Reporting Child’s Disappearance Should Be a Felony Greetings, On July 5, 2011, at 1:15 pm CST, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder in the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. The only charges she now faces are four counts of falsifying police reports, each of which only carries a 1 year prison term. Since she has been in jail since August 2008, she will be out of jail ENTIRELY too soon. I’m writing to propose that a new law be put into effect making it a felony for a parent, legal guardian, or caretaker to not notify law enforcement of the disappearance of a child within 24 hours, so proper steps can be taken to find that child before it’s too late. This way there will be no more cases like Casey Anthony’s in the courts, and no more innocent children will have to go without justice. The case of Caylee Anthony was tragic, and there is no reason for another case like this one to hit the courts. Let’s do what is necessary to prevent another case like this from happening. [Your name]
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casey anthony / Nancy Grace Nov 27 / 2008 Caylee Anthony Inside the first 24 hours P 5

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casey anthony / Nancy Grace Nov 27/ 2008 Caylee Anthony Inside the first 24 hours P 4

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