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Sommore “Hula Hoop”

Sommore explains the value of the hula hoop during this performance on the Queens of Comedy Tour SUBSCRIBE NOW TO THE WALTER LATHAM COMEDY CHANNEL; FOLLOW ON TWITTER LIKE OUR FACEBOOK FAN PAGE Only on the Walter Latham Comedy Channel will you find Mo’Nique, Queens of Comedy, Bernie Mac in the Original Kings of Comedy, George Lopez in the Latin Kings of Comedy, and P Diddy in the Bad Boys of Comedy. But that’s not all…we just wrapped production on a ground breaking sexually appealing comedy show like none of it’s kind. Hosted by the lovely Jenna Jameson, Trina, Rosa Acosta and Carolina Catalino. This show features over 30 of the hottest comics working the stage today. Plus the King of Prank Phone Calls Rickey Smiley, the Kings of Parody’s Affion Crockett and the African King of Comedy Michael Blackson will all bring their talents to this channel exclusively. So click that ugly subscribe button above our video and be the first to see all of the great classics as well as the new originals we’re bringing starting in July 2012. WWW.WALTERLATHAM.COM
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Hula Hop,Circus group Buffo.

ARTISTIC CIRCUS GROUP „BUFFO” ( Pavel Nefedov) We Offer: 1. Clowns ( 3 partners, 5- reprises(outputs(exits)) 2.The trained dogs (5 small dogs) 6-9 minutes 3. The trained white pigeons (15 pigeons) 5-7 minutes 4. Yoga-fakir (3 meter volcano of fire,a python of 3,5 meters) 10-15 minutes 5. Hula-Hoop ( 8 min) Mobile phone (Poland) +48 608 895 898 +48 698 292 400
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Hilo Hula

Aloha kakou, This is typical style of uke strum and drum beat for the hula dancers. It’s should play same verse 2 times each, but sorry this is too short. Uke, Percussion, Vocal: Yoshi Doi Drums, Vocal: Manto Watanobe* Videographer: Brian Elms** *Manto Watanobe Member of poplar stateless music band “Shang Shang Typhoon” in Japan. He can play many instruments also artist painter. (Japanese) **Brian Elms Self-claimed “Lava Junkie”. You can meet him at the lava field on the Big Island anytime. And he recorded lot of lava videos. Ukulele: Kiwaya (Famous) FS-2P Pineapple Soprano model. All Plywood made. Yes, sound is kind of plywood…hahaha. I try around ten kind of strings then I found an Worth CH heavy gauge uke strings. It’s sound way better than others. Problem is too much tension for this uke. The top get warp immediately with this strings, dangerous!! You must loose strings when not in use. Percussion: We try to make sound like Hawaiian percussion such as “Ipu heke” and “`Ulï`ulï” as similar one in a studio. Result? I know these are little bit ??? A hui hou!
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Hula Hoop Alesya Gulevich WinterCircusGermany.MPG Alesya Goulevitch

Hula Hoop Artist Alesya Gulevich Heilbronner Weinachts Circus Germany
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Hula Hoop World Record

16 pounds of aluminium and measuring nearly 15 feet in diameter – hula hula, baby.
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Man Hula Hoops Underwater

Ashrita Furman of Jamaica, NY is a health food store manager with a passion for setting Guiness World Records and Thursday he took a dive in the Florida Keys to establish another Guinness mark.
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Guinness World Record broken at Hula Hoops Hoopathon!

All 16 nationwide Hula Hoops Hoopathons successfully qualified for the Guinness World Record Books! 1388 people took part – thanks everyone!

KETC | Living St. Louis | Hula Hoops

From KETC, LIVING ST. LOUIS Producer Ruth Ezell spins into the scene with Alesya Gulevich. This Hula Hoop artist performs with Circus Flora. She has broken the Guinness World Records twice, including her own record of 105. Her next attempt to break the record will be to keep 107 Hula Hoops in the air. Carlos Martinez, representing Guinness World Records has to record the size of each Hula Hoop and make sure that all match regulation size to compete.
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The biggest hula hop

check it out 2003 guinness world records book 2006 guinness world records book amazing world amazing world records animal world records biggest dogs book of guinness book of record book of records book of world record book of world records book of world records 2007 football…
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