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Best & worst pick-up lines! Ikebukuro Sunshine City, Ice Cream Land Namja Town theme park, Tokyo

LA CARMINA – – and her compadres, Naomi and Yukiro, run around the scary Japanese cats theme park, Sega’s Namco Namja Town, in Ikebukuro Sunshine City. (Home to Ice Cream Land and Gyoza Town!) When they get tired of pushing buttons and screaming, they make a hilarious Instructional Video about Nanpa – or how to pick people up for dates. With skits, Carmina and friends explain the difference between good (“ok deshita”) and bad pickup techiques (“dameeeee”). Did you laugh at their antics and lines? “Remember kids, don’t be hentai!” *** Want more? Visit my daily blog for TOKYO STREET STYLE, fashion photos, Japanese strange pop culture reports: *** Please join my Facebook page – – and Twitter – *** Did you like the video? Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel — more LA and Tokyo adventures to come! —- LA CARMINA – – is a travel + fashion + pop culture TV host, coolhunter, journalist, and author of 3 books — including Cute Yummy Time (Penguin) and Crazy, Wacky Theme Restaurants Tokyo (Random House). Her popular blog – – on alt travel, spooky fashion and Japanese subcultures has been featured in major media (New Yorker, Time, Washington Post, WWD). She heads a coolhunting firm – – that provides trend consulting, translation and film/TV fixing chiefly in Tokyo, Japan. She is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Law School. TV hosting credits
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