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Comedy Ka Badsshah – Hasega India – A comprehensive package of wits, puns and rocking verses – Episode 6

Raju Shrivastav makes funny yet an expressive appearance and is joined by Rakhi Sawant. Further enters Deepak Raja who plays pranks upon Rakhi and Raju and together they form the panel of judges. The stage and the audience witness the rocking competition between Albela Khatri and Dinesh Soni, winner of previous season. Will Dinesh Soni get lucky? The king of comedy, Raju Srivastav, hosts Comedy ka Badsshah – Hasegaa India exclusively on Sony Entertainment Television. The show is a combination of spoofs, gags and stand-up comedy show with Raju Srivastav and is rib-tickling. A popular fellow comedian also joins Raju for an entertaining tete a tete. To add some more excitement to the funny proceedings there is aa glamorous guest from the world of showbiz each week who is part of the comic caper. There’s more to this funny business. Every week two new comic talents are pitted against each other to vie for the crown of the ‘king of comedy’. Raju along with the celebrity guest and the guest comedian judges the winner who in the next episode is pitted against the next new comic talent the following week.
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Funny Prank Call (Welcome to India)

Prank call to my friend , later on i told him it was me, he started raging. PRANK CALL! Website :

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olympics in india

Top TV Shows Based on The Great Niagara, The Great Upset of ’48, The Great Wallendas, The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century, The Greatest American Hero, The Greatest Gifts Our Children Give to Us, The Greatest Thing That Almost Happened, The Green Beret Murder Mystery, The Green Machine, The Green Man, The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat, The Growing Pains Movie, The Guard, The Gun, The Gun and the Pulpit, The Gunfighters, The Gypsy Warriors, The Habitation of Dragons, The Halfback of Notre Dame, The Halloween Tree, The Handler, The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island, The Harness, The Haunting of Helen Walker, The Haunting of Lisa
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Pakistani Prank Call To Air India Travel Agency

Enjoy Folks
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Welcome To India (Parody)

Thahks for watching.I know it funny (LOL) Here is the link for the doing prank calls and tell me on the comment what to do next
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Quantum India

India is subdivided into self-contained parcels of spirituality and regionality. The art and science of this quantum distribution of the ancient culture is portrayed in temples, palaces and streets, and is always a matter for lively discussion. BAK Productions Cinematography by Algis Kemezys


Exorcisms on cam on

Miracles, Exorcisms & Fun in India

John Crowder and several Sons of Thunder associates bombard India in this miracle matinee. Watch as cripples walk, the deaf hear and cancers dissolve from bodies. More than 2000 people make decisions for Christ on this mission adventure. This is fast paced action Holy Ghost style. See for more info.
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Louis Malle, Phantom India, Religion, 1969 Part IV

L’Inde Fantôme Louis Malle, 1969 La Religion Part IV

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