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Raged 7-Eleven Indian Prank Call very funny

very angry indian 7eleven owner very funny must see does not mean to offend made by ownage pranks
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Raged 7-Eleven Indian Prank Call – OwnagePranks

Please become my facebook fan! I call this 7-Eleven location once, then I call them back the next day and speak to another employee. The ending is hilarious, and as you will hear I pretty much lost it. You can listen to more content at Also check out , and the forums we have there.


name says it all
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Fonejacker Indian Call Centre Trying 2 Sell Mobile Contracts

Fonejacker:19th July 07:Indian Call Centre Trying 2 Sell Mobile Contracts
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Fonejacker style ‘real life’ fraud call – Indian call centre scam

This was a real conversation with someone who called me yesterday. I get a lot of calls from these indian call centre fraudsters, trying to get me to do stuff to my computer on the pretext that there is a ‘local virus attack’ affecting my computer or some such nonsense. I usually tell them to go away or just hang up, but yesterday I was in a ‘playful mood’, shall we say, when they called me. So I played along with them and actually had quite a good laugh (at their expense). And yes, you can tell im a big fan of Fonejacker/Kayvan Novak……
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Indian voice Prank call, guy caught cheating part 1

Me and my cousin, randomly call one of his former students.. who has a girlfriend, but only to find out that he is desperate for some love… LOL .. we had to call him back and record.. the first part was unrecorded but it was still as hilarious as this one.. For those who are confused: we called him the first time… it went unrecorded.. so we hung up.. and we called again, cause it was just too hilarious and we had to record it.

Indian Accent Prank Call

jwillgv’s—– Prank Call to Asian restaurant.
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Funny Crazy Indian Music Video

Indian Tech Support- prank call

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