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Comcast Installer Breaking Into THEIR Cable Box

Seriously, he came to install my cable and then asked to borrow a crow bar. I love their service once it’s connected, but their contractors have GOT TO GO!

Harmonic Balancer Installer Tool Instructions – How to ToolCast from BoxWrench

To purchase: Harmonic balancer remover & installer tool. All in one tool from Proform Tools. -3 of 3 Videos- In this video we’ll explain how to use a harmonic balancer installation tool and why. This tool is a must for properly installing the harmonic balancer onto the crank shaft nose of the engines rotating assembly. If you need to see instructions on how to use a harmonic balancer removal tool, click here: For more free videos on engine building, carburetor tuning, transmission rebuilding, Harley Davidson motorcycle tuning, check out our channel on YouTube: To purchase these videos, tools and more, check out the rest of our store: BoxWrench Store: Educating the Automotive Enthusiast BoxWrench on Facebook

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