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Prank Call Turned Into A Nice Chit Chat

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Man nearly dies with a car crash into gas station

this man is lucky to survive after an accident at the gas station

Usagi turns into Eternal Sailor Moon for the First Time

Super Sailor Moon transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon for the very first time. This appears in the anime episode 168 “The Awakening of Saturn! The Ten Senshi Come Together” In this sequence, the planetary symbols of all the Sailor Senshi flew into the Crisis Moon Compact, and in a flash of light it became the Eternal Moon Article. Its lid then opened, revealing the crystal inside; Super Sailor Moon brushed her hand past the crystal and it emitted a bright pink light. Feathers swirled through the air, obscuring her from view for a moment until she reappeared, with large angelic wings and a crescent moon glowing gold on her forehead, holding the glowing Article suspended between her hands. She lifted her hands and the Article affixed itself to her chest, then she spread her wings wide and twirled. In another swirl of feathers, Eternal Sailor Moon appeared and assumed her final pose. Enjoy! :)

Putting the MOLE back into a MOLESKINE!

Laser engraved moleskines at: Upload your art, photo or logo. Laser engrave your moleskine for style, branding or just for fun. Make your notebook one-of-a-kind or create a unique and memorable gift. Powered by Lasers by Marking Solutions by
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Grudge Creepy Looking Girl Freaks People Out Walking Into A Building

girl gets hit for making fun of a guy
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How to trick people into thinking you’re Psychic

SUBSCRIBE!! Real Life Trolling, Steve Greene poses as a psychic to try and piss people off. Scroll to 4:04 & caption the picture to get featured next week! Click LIKE and Feed the troll!! Like me on Facebook! AND follow me on Twitter! What should I do next week?! Leave a comment & help me troll
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goalie sends man into space

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eddie izzard – braking into the pentagon computer lol funny

so i had made a batch file for this movie so ya better like it

How to change your fake into a internet icon

see my other videos for how to make a fake virus

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