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Lisa Irwin: Prime News & Issues 10/24/11

Sunday, October 23, 2011 Today Show Good Morning America Monday, October 24, 2011 Today Show Good Morning America Surveillance Video IMO, this video is a really BIG stretch to associate it with Baby Lisa. Tuesday, 10/25/11 Good Morning America TODAY SHOW CASEY ANTHONY CASE Jurors names released – Tuesday 10/25/11 I thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes and Misha thanks you all for his birthday wishes too. I can’t believe Misha is 9 (10/30) and me 64 (10/23). Where the heck did all MY years go? Hugs to all!
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Steve Irwin Greatest TV event. Rare Snake Bite. Sunshine TV.

In 1991 Steve Irwin did a weekly segment on the local TV station’s Kids show. The snake won’t bite him or will it???

Splitting UFO hiding behind Weather Balloon? July 30, 2010, Irwin, PA

SIMILAR- ITALY! Also reported near SOMERSET, PA with 8″ telescope: MAYBE similar one filmed in RUSSIA: & IN NC ON 7/6/2010: IN OHIO in July 2010: SIMILAR SIGHTING REPORTED IN PITTSBURGH in 1978: (so apparently this not a new phenomenon). slinkyshell1: Has seen it just fade in NW sky after hovering in dusk sky near LIGONIER, PA–and within a half hour later of same thing spotted in EAST sky by Oakmont -WHICH WOULD BE AGAINST THE WIND DIRECTION (never popped). NancyBrown1039 in Stahlstown, not far from BOTH locations, has reported multiple RED ORB UFOs over her property on July 10, 2010, running North to South along the heavily wooded State Parks. (Although not always filmed, this fading away instead of “popping” has also been seen by ENERGEEERESEARCH in North Irwin & by him & me & two others in Oakmont on 7/25. EXCELLENT REAL WEATHER BALLOON BURSTING VIDEO: As on my video, real balloon shreds & falls with rope & sonde box, BUT DOESN’T LEAVE LARGE ROUND PIECES IN THE AIR. IF YOU READ THE COMMENTS ON THE OTHER VIDEOS WITH THE SAME PHENOMENON, YOU WILL SEE THAT OTHERS ARE SEEING THIS STRANGE THING IN OTHER LOCATIONS. Although disbelievers are still shaking their heads because they most likely have yet to see anything strange/convincing in the skies, if they would just READ and take note of the continuing INCREASE in UFO reports that sound similar to this type of

Bum hunter – Steve Irwin wannabe

steve irwin wannabe “hunts” bums as if they were wild animals An amazing truce takes place between 2 of the most dangerous powerful creatures in Kruger national park. This battle is actually a battle of territory. these animals have been sharing the same waters and land since the beginning of time. the most dangerous powerful aquatic predator vs the most dangerous aquatic herbivore. As you can see a herd of hippos are sunbathing only 20 feet away from a sunbathing crocodile. These animals are so comfortable with each other, they even close there eyes and relax near each other on land. these 2 fearsome species have this unlikely truce. they swim in the same waters, but on land they manage to hold their territory and keep their distance. how is this possible? I don’t know but this video i shot is proof of that.
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Bindi Irwin “Prince Rajah” (full version)

(C) The Best Picture Show Company Limited feat.Steve Irwin and The Crocmen Stepping slowly through the Indian jungle There’s a tiger called Prince Rajah He makes all the animals humble He’s the biggest tiger by far He’s got one concern He never really learned how to Jump in water Leap in long grass Like a tiger should Pounce on buffalo Bounce with butterflies Like he wishes he could In fact it’s quite bizarre You’re really not a tiger star Prince Rajah Once day a little green frog Wandered way too close Rajah trapped her under his paw And the frog thought she was toast She said, “Tiger here’s my solemn vow If you let me go, I’ll show you how to Jump in water Leap in long grass Like a tiger should Pounce on buffalo Bounce with butterflies Like you wish you could I know it sounds bizarre But I’ll make you a tiger star Prince Rajah” It’s a secret they both keep How Rajah learned to leap Watch him Jump in water Leap in long grass Like a tiger should Pounce on buffalo Bounce with butterflies Like he knew he could No matter who you are You’re never gonna jump as far As Prince Rajah.

Recurring UFO (1/3) hides behind Weather Balloons, Irwin, PA

Same looks as this one in 2006: (you’ll notice him thinking it was VENUS at first) And similar to this one: Long Beach Police helicopter filmed with FLIR in 2004! See video here: (they chased it first) Discovered & filmed by ENERGEEERESEARCH, copyright 2010. First noticed by him early summer of 2009 over skies around North Irwin, Westmoreland County, PA; an area located east of Pittsburgh, famous for Kecksburg crash. Those summertime sightings faded, not recurring regularly until May 20, 2010; since then only being seen on non-precipitation, mostly clear sky nights. Although he did not film it during every sighting, this video should give an example of behavior exhibited and observed by him. Through experiments with a Murrysville, PA resident (myself) who’s house lies in the vicinity almost directly underneath the direction of the object frequently. The contact was made at a time when the Murrysville residents had begun to notice that the orange/amber colored balls of light were coming out of the heavily wooded area nearby and seemingly morphing their shape from that fireball-looking sphere into what appeared to be silent flying crafts that expanded and added lights–ones that mimicked the look of our aircraft aviation lights. Yet, the hovering and/or flying too slow, making impossible U-turns, changing light locations & retrieving small white balls mid-air gave them away. Subsequent studies over a year-long period with generation 3A
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