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This guy knows it’s a prank call but goes with it anyway

**CLICK HERE TO GET the APP!~ First EVER prank call made using Iphone App PRANKSTERZ …awesome

Lil kid’s killing; you offbrand’ squads’ . Watch&learn how it’s done..’ part-2 killa k’

Kareem aka. killa k’ major jerkin. If ya’ll leave hating comment’s his’ work here is done; get at em’
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That 70’s Show – “I want to return that rabbit to the wild so it can lay it’s eggs”

Kelso needs to borrow a saw to cut a street sign, but Red catches him. Find out what he says xD I didn’t know what to put for the title, but if you do, please tell me. This is from the episode ‘Hyde’s Birthday’ from Season 4.
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It’s Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans

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“It’s Over!” Prank Calls

*I called complete strangers* “I’m Pregnant” Prank calls: 11:11 Wish Prank Call “I Love You” Prank calls: Lesbian Wedding Prank call:


We all know that when someone sleeps it’s the easiest way to prank them but it’s more easier when you are deaf! =D Twice Scott asked me to wake him up at a specific time after napping but instead of waking him up I pranked him to wake him up instead. I don’t think he will ever nap ever again while I’m in the house. Special Thanks to anim8ordude for creating the brand new 2012 intro. Lick us or Link us: Sketch channel: 1millionvideouploads channel: Tweet us you twits: Facebook *That facebook account is my wife’s as mine got hacked and I am not going to start over again so I will be sharing it with her. If I start over it might just happen again. No sense in taking chances* Tags: WIFE PRANKS HUSBAND – PRANK #58: IT’S NOT SAFE TO SLEEP ANYMORE PRANK prankandspank prank war 2012 spank thedeafonemanshow the deafonemanshow one million video uploadsfat guy with cute girl funny comedy entertaining boyfriend girlfriend husband wife couple prankvsprank angrylove77 nikitabanana8 humour hilarious wtf ASL sign language closed caption subtitles deaf hard of hearing swearing bad language RAWR mad scream scare fake rat syrup flour smash face water gun

Office Promo: Dwight’s Exersise Ball Before It’s Demise

Office Promo – Dwight’s Exersize Ball appears in a number of other The Office episodes.
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IT’S A SURPRISE! [FEB.10.11 DAY 106]

What is one of your moments? TheWineKone video: DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE- (‘n’ Thumbs up!) Loves! -Kate Check out my main channel!: Twitter me: Cory- The Kitties-

funny pranks – it’s a silly scary(scared people)

funny video about scared people… It’s people being scared by others It’s a very funny clip you be the judge!

Positive Pregnancy Test (I AM NOT PREGNANT) It’s Fake!

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