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Office Prank Texas A&M Jello Football

Office prank where we Jello a valuable Texas A&M Football (yes, we realize this is an oxymoron)
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The Office (Stapler in Jello)

Just me and my friends having fun and doing our own verison of a episode from The Office for a class…teehee… -hope it puts a rainbow in your heart, EnoughRandomosity

Stapler in Jello Prank

With The Office set to begin it’s 5th season in the US, I decided to pay tribute to it by acting out one of the first pranks ever used in The Office, British or American. I placed a co-workers stapler in Lemon Jello then placed a hidden camera in his classroom to catch the response. The music over the montage is made with GarageBand
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april fools day: great jello prank gone wrong

with help from suzy, dan and I tried to play a jello prank on our neighbor zak, only to discover his dark past and his deep emotional ties to the jello industry based on true events (hirthy)

Fun clowns for Kids: jello Stapler, Diet Coke Explosion, and international’s biggest butt end however to make 3 pranks from MISCHIEF creator’s MANUAL, the ultimate enchiridion of pranks and practical jokes for kids ages 8-14. Visit for more prank ideas!

Courtney wants Jello…

As Courtney and Laura try to find somehwere to cook their only meal ( orange jello) they are shot down by the terrible service at a local restaraunt…the humanity

Jello prank

My cuz getting slapt with jello while sleeping
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Miller 3rd Productions – Peanut Butter Jello Time

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There’s always room for jello

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How to put a stapler in Jello gelatin shows you how to put a stapler in Jello or Knox gelatin as seen in the hit TV show The Office. Watch as we demonstrate the best ratio of ingredients for a firm finished product that will last a long time and is transparent enough to clearly see that there’s a stapler (or anything else you want to put) in there. It’s a fun, safe prank from!
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