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Bowled Over – Short Film by Jeremy Finkelstein

One of the finer works of Jeremy Finkelsteins early years. A story about Lawn Bowlers and the pains of young people. Nominated for: Best Screenplay (Oscars) Music Score (Grammys) Best Actor (Don Finkelstein as Robert) Worst Camera Work (Tony Award) A Big Thanks to: My actors (Don, Di, Thelma, Rosemary and Andrew) The Armadale Bowls Club and Myself for thinking of such a brilliant storyline and script. Enjoy!

jeremy hit in head with ball

throwing the ball in a fan is not a god idea

Start of Jeremy Clarkson – No Limits (Redone)

NOTE: 4 Months ago aboessam123 told me to shorten it up because it was a waste of time. Info about video. Clarkson is back to his usual high standards, with great performance cars. In this video, he gives performance driving lessons, attempts stunt driving with Russ Swift,and drives some seriously fast cars, stars including the Noble M12 GTO and the Lamborghini Murcielago. An added twist then comes when Jeremy shows the viewer the typical life of a truck driver. There is a taste of destruction, when Jeremy destroys a speed camera and then right at the end, the sea of carnage truly begins! My Favourite Clarkson Video. Cat. No.: VC6962. Made By Video Collection International & On The BOX Productions In 28th October 2002.

Jeremy Narby – Why are these substances illegal (part two)

VOD release of DMT: The Spirit Molecule in Oct 2011. Visit the official website for more updates:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

James and Jeremy test communist cars part 1 (series 12_ episode 6) – BBC Top Gear

James and Jeremy test communist cars part 1 (series 12_ episode 6) – BBC Top Gear
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jeremy sleeping Episode 1

Sleep is for the weak.
Video Rating: 0 / 5

BEADLES FINAL ACT – Jeremy Sings Elvis

A random test of the new puppet feature in After Effects CS3. Yes, he is wearing a cat as a coat, and thats the chest of a monkey! But no… those arent his real hands. UMmmmmm naughty! Being the king of pranks and jokes he would have laughed, and he would have wanted you to as well 😉

Georgia Aquarium Tour by Jeremy Wortham

GA. Aquarium 2009. Filming and Editing by Jeremy Wortham… Thanks for viewing.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Jeremy Kohomban

In time for Veterans Day, East Coast Assistance Dogs (ECAD), in conjunction with at risk students at Children’s Village’s residential school, will be training four veterans who were disabled in the Iraq War to work with their new assistance dogs. Assistance Dog Boot Camp, which runs from November 4 through November 18, is a rigorous two-week program in which the Vets are paired with their new canine helpers and learn how to work with the dogs and care for them. The Vets will be trained through lectures, dog handling drills and community field trips conducted by ECAD instructors and teen trainers. Under the supervision of ECAD staff, the students at Children’s Village and other residential schools in the area have spent the past 18-24 months training dogs to perform more than 80 commands, including opening and closings doors, answering the phone, turning on lights, acting as stability supports and responding to medical alarms. These special animals will give their new owners a measure of independence and security not otherwise possible. This special All Veterans Boot Camp comes to an end at Assistance Dog Graduation on November 19th at 5:30pm. The students will ceremoniously hand over the leads of the dogs that they have spent so much time caring for, training, and loving. For the students, the Assistance Dog Training Program is a chance to give back to people who are less fortunate then they are. Veterans receiving dogs are as follows: •Mary Dague, age 23, of San Antonio

Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman interview about Ghost Stories

Writers Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman talk about their play “Ghost Stories” at the Lyric Hammersmith.

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