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Black Ops: 98-7 Domination On Jungle With AK-47 + Tips To Improve Your Kill To Death Ratio/KDR

My KDR is over a 2.00 & rising, so here are my tips to improve yours, I chose to give the tips in the description, instead of a commentary, because I can be far more detailed in the description as opposed to just talking. First off, raising your KDR over a 2.00 is not a easy thing to do, I will run you through every aspect you need to raise your KDR, starting with your class, the class you make is a very crucial aspect to raising your KDR, in the video i’m using a AK-47 with Extended Mags, the perks i’m using are Lightweight, Sleight Of Hand & Marathon, in my opinion the best guns in Black Ops are the AK-47, the Commando, the AK-74u & the Galil, so if you want to raise your KDR I would recommend you use one of those guns, next is perks, in my opinion the 3 best first perks are Ghost, Hardline & Lightweight, if you are using a suppressor use either Hardline or Ghost, the best 2 second perks are Sleight Of Hand & Warlord, also the pro versions of Sleight Of Hand & Warlord are very helpful, the only last perk I use is Marathon, next is killstreaks, the 2 best killstreak setups I have used are, UAV, Chopper Gunner & Attack Dogs, that’s what i’m using in the video, the second best killstreak setup I have used is UAV, SR-71 Black Bird & Attack Dogs, next is attachments, I mostly use guns with clear easy to use Iron Sights, so I almost never use Red Dot Sights or any other Optical attachments, my favorite 3 attachments are Extended Mags, for big maps, Dual Mags for rushing & a

Jim Jones ft Max B, Rell, Dr Ben, Chavis & Noe – Concrete Jungle – With Lyrics

Yo, it definitely is a concrete jungle And yet there’s more to life than misery We have to have unity in our community We have to work together brothers and sisters (I’m from the ghetto) Yeah, this is Dr. Ben, I’m with Jim Jones (Lord knows, I was on the run confused) DipSet forever (Shit) We’re talking about a concrete jungle (Yeah, it sure is a jungle) Life or death, you have to choose life (I done seen it all, at least I think I seen it all) I’m with my concrete jungle, no Tarzans and Janes Diesel by the bundles and the hard grams of Caine D’s when they come through, it’s hard to get some change Smoking weed getting drunk, in the car for a flame Yeah, I see the traffic but we dipping on the shoulder Winter start to set in, it’s only getting colder And I miss you all my political soldiers Most are doing life for moving bricks or doing hold-ups Damn, I know we caught up in the fast life Some like a fiend when they caught up on the glass pipe Me, I’m still caught up from last night Same clothes from the club on the block getting cash right Damn, you know this world full of misery Some get tore up ’til they hurl off the liquor B Somebody told me that the girls need the chivalry That’s why I cop ice ’til they ass get the shivers B Ain’t nothing sweet living in this ghetto (Ain’t nothing sweet about it) Been there, done that, running in the streets (Running wild) Now put your lighters to your head, nigga ride Trying to make the most of my hustle (I gotta hustle) Been there

2- Asian Sexy Girl Eats Live Big Bugs in the urban jungle

Thailand Asian Sexy Girl Eats Live Big Bugs in the urban jungle
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Lata – Jungle Mein Mor Nacha Kisne Dekha – Shatranj [1969]

“Shatranj” [1969] is anIndian Hindi film directed and produced by SS Vasan. Starring Rajendra Kumar, Waheeda Rehman, Mehmood and Helen. Music is by Shankar Jaikishan….. Lata Mangeshkar (Marathi: लता मंगेशकर; born September 28, 1929) is a singer from India. She is one of the best-known playback singers in the Hindi film industry. Mangeshkar’s career started in 1942 and has spanned over six and a half decades. She sang in over a thousand Bollywood movies and has sung songs in over twenty regional Indian languages, but primarily in Hindi. She is the elder sister of the equally accomplished singer Asha Bhosle and lesser-known singers, brother Hridayanath Mangeshkar and sisters Usha Mangeshkar and Meena Mangeshkar. Lata is the second vocalist ever to have received the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour. Mangeshkar was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records from 1974 to 1991 for having made the most recordings in the world. Awards and recognitions; Lata Mangeshkar has won several awards and honors, including Padma Bhushan (1969), Padma Vibhushan (1999), Dada Saheb Phalke Award (1989), NTR National Award (1999), Bharat Ratna (2001), three National Film Awards, and 12 Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Awards. She has also won four Filmfare Best Female Playback Awards. In 1969, she made the unusual gesture of giving up the Filmfare Best Female Playback Award, in order to promote fresh talent. She was later awarded Filmfare Lifetime Achievement
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SEA Trip 2 Part 4 Borneo Jungle

Uncle Tan’s wildlife camp on a Kinabatangan river, Borneo, Malaysia. Wild animals, monkeys, millipedes, leeches, bearded pigs, orangutans. Morning and night safaris. Лагерь Дяди Тана на реке Кинабатанганган, Борнео, Малайзия. Дикие животные, обезьяны, многоножки, пиявки, бородатые свиньи, орангутаны. Утренние и ночные сафари.
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“In exploring the shared language and poetic sensibilities of all animals, I am working towards rediscovering the common ground that once existed when people lived in harmony with animals. The images depict a world that is without beginning or end, here or there, past or present.” —Gregory Colbert, Creator of Ashes and Snow Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow is an ongoing project that weaves together photographic works, 35mm films, art installations and a novel in letters. With profound patience and an enduring commitment to the expressive and artistic nature of animals, he has captured extraordinary interactions between humans and animals. His 21st-century bestiary includes totemic species from around the world. Since he began creating his singular work of Ashes and Snow in 1992, Colbert has undertaken photographic and filming expeditions to locations such as India, Egypt, Burma, Tonga, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Kenya, Antarctica, the Azores, and Borneo. The show first opened at the Arsenale in Venice, Italy, in 2002. The Nomadic Museum, the travelling home of Ashes and Snow, debuted in New York (March to June 2005) and then travelled to Santa Monica (January to May 2006), Tokyo (March to June 2007) and Mexico City (January to April 2008), and is charted to travel the globe with no final destination. The title Ashes and Snow refers to the literary component of the exhibition—a fictional account of a man who, over the course of a yearlong journey, composes 365 letters to his wife
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Jungle Boogie

Trekking in the Amazing jungles of Malaysia
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This sadistic torture of innocent creatures is what some people consider sport.

Black Ops: Epic (104 -19) Demolition w/ Galil on Jungle – (Gameplay/Commentary)

Please Like and Favorite the video, dont forget to comment, its help my channel out Tremendously! FOLLOW ALL THE LINKS – ———————————————————————- Download my Toolbar to Keep up with me: Follow me on Twitter! Join Me on Facebook for Updates! Buy the worlds best Controllers: Subscribe to my In Real Life Channel (Reviews + More) http Extra Tags: Machinima MachinimaRespawn I2awInstinct Raw Instinct RawInstinct I2aw Gameplay Commentary Black Ops BlackOps COD Call Of Duty B Ops Multiplayer Commentator Gameplay Epic Amazing Fastest blackops All World Record multiplayer black ops multiplayer REAL LIFE 360 NOSCOPE blackops montage black ops montage blackops sniper black ops sniper black ops sniper montage blackops sniper montage GUN1T123 xJawz FpsRussia SeaNanners BlameTruth Xcalizorz WhiteBoy7thst DrDisRespect dback28 WoodysGamertag black ops carepackage glitch black ops care package glitch Domination TDM Demolition FFA Attack Dogs Chopper Gunner Gunship
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The Great Amazon Jungle

The great tropical rain forest supports life at all levels. Fowler captures the largest mammal of the Amazon Jungle.
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Nagaina The jungle carpet python Tiger Phase SAY NO TO HR 669

This is Nagaina ( after the female cobra from riki tiki tavi) She is about 5 and a half feet long, close to 4 years old. Jungle carpet pythons are from the rainforests of queensland australia. They eat rats, rabbits, and birds (mine loves cooked eggs) And can be quite scared of people at a younger age. And deserve interaction every day or they can be nippy, these are smart snakes that know who their owner is, much like an arabian horse. the music is Shpongle “Caring for Wild Animals Is Difficult or Impossible”- THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF AMERICA!!!! THEY NEVER SUPPORTED REPTILES OR AMPHIBIANS AND KILL THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS HUMANELY EVERY YEAR AND MINDLESS VEGAN VEGETARIAN GREEN RETARDS SUPPORT THEM WITH MORE MONEY , THE HSUS IS SUPPORTING THE EVIL HR 669 AND WE HAVE MET THEM WITH OPPOSITION RECENTLY AND MUST DO IT AGAIN THIS BILL IS NOT OUT OF THE COMMITTEE YET CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVES AND SEND THOSE LETTERS NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE
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Jungle Cruise at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

(please comment and rate!! especially on our tour guide–he was so funny!!) This takes u through some of wildest rivers in the world (dnt worry its just pretend lol) and gets u close to lots of equally wild animals including: snakes, elephants, crocs, hyenas, butterflies, zebras, lions, gorillas, rhinos, hippos, tigers, monkeys, and some natives! enjoy!!

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