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Farting Guinea Pig – Just Kidding Hidden Camera Prank

Fat little guinea pig farts some deadly bombs on random strangers who are supposed to keep an eye on it. I wish my hamster could fart like that! A presentation of Just Kidding Pranks, the coolest Just For Laughs Gags sister show on YouTube. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world! Visit our other channels: JustForLaughsTV: Hidden Camera Classics: Social Animal? Here are a few interesting links: Offical Site: Twitter Facebook: Cats:

Just For Laugh-10 Funniest Pranks

another 10 funniest pranks. Let’s see how many likes and dislikes we get. All right reserved to Just For Laugh.
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just shananagans

just kickin it at school

Just some sniper only (one man army)

Just me sniping some fools jkjk xD but yeah comment rate subscribe and yeah thanks MY NAME: SHANESTER007
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He just don’t get it, Franklin the Pumpkin still can’t help it but fall asleep…lol

pranks on a spanish guy @ a session

The bests of Just for Laughs Part VI – Funniest Momments – April 16, 2012

*I own nothing Date Uploaded: April 17, 2012 *100.000 Views already? Keep enjoying this show 😀 My first video in 100K views! Woot Woot! No haters please?

Just For Laughs Part 02

Just For Laughs Episode 21

Contradicting Cops Hidden Camera Prank Just For Laughs

Two policemen giving conflicting directions at a roundabout. http http http http
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Just For Laughs – Fruit.flv

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