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Aaron Kelly and Katie Stevens interview each other

Aaron Kelly and Katie Stevens interview each other during rehearsals for the “American Idol” summer tour (with cameos by Andrew Garcia and Didi Benami). More exclusive “Idol” content at
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Kelly Clarkson, Secretly Perverted?! She Plays a Funny Game with “Breakaway” on SIRIUS XM

The SiriusXM Hits 1’s “Morning Mash Up” crew has some fun with Kelly Clarkson by bleeping her otherwise innocent-sounding lyrics to “Breakaway” and “I Do Not Hook Up”. Watch Kelly laugh with the hosts in this funny clip from her recent interview and hear the “Morning Mash Up” every weekday on SiriusXM Ch. 1

Xbox Smash Radio Interview with Colin Kelly HD funny movies college pranks dorm best april fools

Xbox Smash Radio Interview with Colin Kelly full funny videos funny college pranks april fool pranks kids april fools pranks hot video Colin, Kelly, Radio, Interview, Nikki, Xbox, 360, smash, crazy, girlfriend, and, john, prank, pranks, couple, smases,, breakdotcom, break media,…
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Regis and Kelly prank

Durwood Fincher pranks Kelly Ripa on live with regis and kelly. this guy is a professional double talker. Regis is in on it. Its so funny u just gotta watch it.
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Kelly Rowland Strips for New Album “Here I Am”

Kelly Rowland releases some new photos for her new album titled “Here I Am” Julie Roberts ad gets banned from the UK for being too “photoshoped”. Casey Anthony mask sells on ebay for 1million dollars! Casey Anthony Halloween mask: Kelly Rowland album art: kellyrowlandweb.c…

Steven Kelly talks about the exorcisms of Merry Berg

For more information on this cult see
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Kelly watches Kids in the Sandbox

I got my cousin to watch it for about 5 seconds.

Kelly Clarkson – Pranked by Radio – The Uncomfortable Silence Interview

the interview is called “The uncomfortable silence interview “, and it sooo funny =) but i do feel bad for Kelly, she’s like”halloooo??? what’s going on??”, haha. in the beginning they are just explaining the rules of the prank, then there is the actual prank interview with kelly, and in the end there are reactions from listeners =) i hope you enjoy The Uncomfortable Silence Interview :)
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Yes Abi needs prak ideas so comment on what you think i shud do..
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POLICE PSYCHICS: FIND ME with Kelly Snyder, Valerie Graham & Treyce d’Gabriel-Montoya. – pt4

Nov 9, 2010 International handwriting expert, Treyce d’Gabriel-Montoya, shares little-known secrets about handwriting analysis and life-changing programs International handwriting expert, Treyce d’Gabriel-Montoya. Author of “Written Violence-the Personality behind the Pen,” “Finding Mr. and Mrs. Write,” & “Dangerous Ink.” She’s the creator of a handwriting program that has changed the lives of children, teens and adults around the world. A certified teacher with a forensic psychology degree, she’s worked on high profile cases including Michael Jackson. She is part of the Findme team. Source files from:
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