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Keyhole Method (Tutorial)

This is an easy way to cut down on the layer-by-layer approach to the first two layers, this is very easy to learn if you already know layer-by-layer.

The song ‘Today Was A Good Day’ performed by Ice Cube. EDIT: 10000 views : 23/09/08 EDIT #2: 650000 views (w00t) : 21/12/09 EDIT #3: 2720142 views (w00w) : 16/12/2010
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Keyhole, explained by Arnaud van Galen

Video of a method that uses less moves, but doesn’t require extra algorithms

1×1: First center 1×2: Mini bar 2×2: Mini cube 3×2: Two bars 3×3: Three bars
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How to solve the Rubik’s cube faster – the keyhole method

in this video i will teach you how to solve the rubik’s cube using the keyhole method which is a faster method of solving the first and second layers on the rubik’s cube. link to my rubik’s cube tutorial:

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