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Lil kid’s killing; you offbrand’ squads’ . Watch&learn how it’s done..’ part-2 killa k’

Kareem aka. killa k’ major jerkin. If ya’ll leave hating comment’s his’ work here is done; get at em’
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Ron Paul, Civil Liberties Groups Decry Killing of American Militant Without a Trial.avi

constitution is read BEFORE IT’S NEWS

Prank gone wrong with killing

video uploaded from my mobile phone.boy shoots his friend in face because he’s afraid of bears.
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You’re Killing Yourself Wrong!

This is about a woman that tried to kill herself but ended up shooting her boyfriend instead and it was on new years for fucks sake. Enjoy. Read Story at:

Casey Anthony was found not guilty for killing her daughter wtf?

I just got done watching the Casey Anthony trial and the jury found her not guilty for murder in the first degree of her 2 year old daughter Caylee


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Casey Anthony not Guilty of killing her daughter Caylee?No More Disrespect

Video Casey Anthony found not guilty of killing daughter Caylee.

click our link – to watch full “Nancy Grace Comments Part of Casey Anthony Verdict Media Frenzy (REPORT)” exclusive video!! Nancy Grace has never hidden her feelings about the Caylee Anthony murder case, and the HLN host didn’t hold back Tuesday when the 2-year-old’…
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Branding Casey Anthony: Making a Killing. . . on a killing.

Casey Anthony’s sentencing and release from jail brings intelligent capitalist who invite themselves into her life to pitch how they’ll “spin” any story into marketing gold. Listen to these two publicists speak (of their ideas, the positive, the future) of their plans to associate Casey Anthony with Money not Murder in the very near future. When their coveted client, whom they refer to as “America’s Most Famous Former Mom” was facing murder charges and guaranteed prison, these two money-minded publicists began protecting Casey Anthony’s image. It was TOO simple one of them thought: they needed to focus on treating he like other Client and Innocent Murderer. In essence, Casey Anthony wanted the “Second Half” of her life to work out. The thought sprang from their an ideal: the image of beauty was the life she would enrich living through “Casey Anthony’s Second Half” and, and it inspired a Divinely powerful acronym CASH The discovery of CASH galvanized the men and they worked to make sure the American Media reported “their truth” to the American consumer: Casey is a Rags to Riches story that will generate revenue & eliminate Check Fraud. A book deal is in her future. A designer fragrance line, dedicated to Caylee, named “Youthless Beginnings.” These two men are responsible for the engineering the newly birthed, groomed and soon to be syndicated Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony Not Guilty of KIlling Child! (FULL VERDICT READING)

Hi YouTube! Man not guilty verdict! Please rate, subscribe, and take care spike your hair! GeekTechMac1
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