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Random Burger King

Calling to tell a random burger king manager that his fiancée is cheating on him.

Hamburglarizing Burger King


King Comedy: News Paper Prank #1

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How to Win an MW3 Elite Competition Lone Wolf Operation FFA Kills King of the Hill

Subscribe: Follow: Watch: Learn: Music by and http Bio: Hey everyone, TradeMark here. My gamertag comes from my initials “TM”. I win Jeeps and stuff playing Call of Duty. Married gamer with 2 kids and a hot wifey. Thanks for stopping by. Call of Duty is a First Person Shooter video game series franchise, created by Ben Chichoski. The series began on the PC, and later expanded to consoles and handhelds. Several spin-off games have also been released. The earlier games in the series are set primarily in World War II. Starting with Modern Warfare, set in modern times, the series has shifted focus away from World War I. Modern Warfare 1, 2 & 3 are all set in modern times, while Black Ops takes place during the Cold War. The COD games are published and owned by Activision and developed primarily by Infinity Ward (plus Sledgehammer games for MW3) and Treyarch.
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Rooster Teeth’s Prank King

Click to Tweet: RT Shorts Season 3 DVD!! Song at End of Video: Gus sucks at pranks.

CKY Prank phone call to burger king

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King Comedy: Can I have your number # 1

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Burger King Toilet Paper Prank Call

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CRIBS – Egyptian King of MDMA

Don’t do drugs

Capt. Janks Prank Calls Rudy Giuliani On Larry King Live

Captain Janks prank calls Rudy Giuliani on Larry King Live on the international line. Using an foriegn accent, Janks says he’s from Norway and wants to know why the American people allow the justice system to “Procecute” Howard Stern. Giuliani is clearly amused by the prank, and laughs devilishy as Larry snaps on Janks in anger.

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