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Teen Thug picks on Old man and gets Knocked Out! – FMO

Next time he will respect his elders. Please Subscribe!
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To Boldly Go – Uranus: The Planet That Got Knocked on its Side

Clip from a 1990 episode of NOVA featuring Voyager’s Grand Tour, narrated by Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation). Included: Voyager 2 imaging problems threaten to end its mission at Saturn, unusual axial tilt of Uranus, reprogramming Voyager 2 to fix damaged memory, twisted magnetic field of Uranus, observations of the ring system, violent impacts in Uranian system including theories about Miranda’s bizarre surface, origin of outer solar system bodies which may have tipped Uranus on its side.
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World Record Knocked Down

The Netherlands celebrates “Domino Day” by smashing a world record for the most consecutive dominoes to fall in succession.

immortal technique-bush knocked down the towers

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A korean girls “The Ring” prank get’s her Knocked Out!

a young korean girl decides to play a prank, dressing herself like the young dead girl off the movie ” The Ring” and standing silently in a building entrance which scares the FU*K out of everyone and one guy in particular get’s so scared, i’m not sure if he does it for revenge or cause he thinks she’s a real ghost or whatever, he comes back to ko her!


One of the dumbest armed robbers ever. As the robber attempts to jump over the counter, the scared employee presses the panic button. A security wall installed to protect the employee shoots up and catches the robber by the neck!!! Amazing robbery attempt caught on tape. Aspirin is in aisle five.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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