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How can hell be any worse? Life alone is such a curse.

We interrupt this program with a special bulletin: America is now under marshall law. All constitutional rights have been suspended. Stay in your homes. Do not attempt to contact love ones, insurance agents or attorney’s. Shut up! Do not attempt to think or depression may accure. Stay in your homes. Curfew is at 7 PM sharp after work. Anyone caught outside of gates of their suveillance sectors after curfew will be shot. Remain calm, do not panic. Your neighborhood watch officer will be by to collect urine samples in the morning. Anyone caught intefering with the collection of urine samples will be shot. Stay in your homes, remain calm. The number one enemy of progress is question. National security is more important than individual will. All sports broadcasts will proceed as normal. No more than two people may gather anywhere without permission. Use only the drugs prescribed by your boss or supervisor. Shut up! Be happy! Obey all orders without question. The comfort you demanded is now mandatory. Be happy. At last everything is done for you.
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Scaring the life outta lois!

Me making lolo jump.
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Real Life Pac Man Prank Gone Wrong

ZELDA RUINED MY LIFE! (3.21.10 – Day 325)

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A Day in the Life of Mario

This is what Mario has to go through every day, all wrapped up in a certain overworld theme… and it’s not just Mario – everyone else plays their part, for good or for bad. Sing along if you know the words… Song: Super Mario Bros Overworld Theme (obviously) See episode 4, Bowser and the Koopas’ Staff, here: or for the full playlist see Sounds are from a variety of Mario games – they can be found at I just thought I’d explain why we came up with this. We started with the idea of making a song from the sounds we use, and then decided to try the Mario theme song. We only decided to attach a storyline near the end of production, and it’s not too complicated because we wanted the main focus to be the music. In future, we will return to the normal style of video which we have made in the past.
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Care package gone wrong in real life (prank)

Uh oh
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Fonejacker style ‘real life’ fraud call – Indian call centre scam

This was a real conversation with someone who called me yesterday. I get a lot of calls from these indian call centre fraudsters, trying to get me to do stuff to my computer on the pretext that there is a ‘local virus attack’ affecting my computer or some such nonsense. I usually tell them to go away or just hang up, but yesterday I was in a ‘playful mood’, shall we say, when they called me. So I played along with them and actually had quite a good laugh (at their expense). And yes, you can tell im a big fan of Fonejacker/Kayvan Novak……
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One Life Crew – Live Cleveland Fest, OH 1996

One Life Crew (OLC) was a straight edge hardcore band. They originally formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1994. Though the band has had numerous members, the most notable line-up consisted of “Mean” Steve Murad (Vocals), Blaze Tishko (guitar), John “Lockjaw” Tole (bass), and Anthony “Chubby Fresh” Pines (drums). The band formed out of the ashes of Murad’s former bands Confront, and Mean Streak. After releasing a series of demo tapes, the band was picked up by Victory Records and released their debut LP Crime Ridden Society on the label. The track Our Fight, which appears on Crime Ridden Society and proclaims an anti-racism message, was originally performed by Confront. Ironically, OLC has been accused by many as being a racist band, due in no small part to the lyrics of the track Pure Disgust, which reflect a right wing stance on immigration issues. OLC, along with Victory, tried to combat their racist image by releasing One Life Crew t-shirts with the lyrics to Our Fight printed on the back, and included a post card along with the vinyl version of the album that likened the song to Agnostic Front’s Public Assistance. The band was dropped from Victory Records after a fight broke out during their set at the 1996 Cleveland Hardcore Festival. Though many claims have been made as to the actual reason OLC was dropped from the label, Victory’s stance remains that they do not condone violence. Victory Records had 1000 post cards printed explaining their decision, and mailed out to

the truth about the meaning of life!

the truth of the meaning of life reveled and its not 42!

Prank Call – Time Life Music

Recorded in 99 or 2000… Voice character Henry Barkins by Steve W.. You can hear me laughing on the other line periodically.. when he says MOIL HAGGAD..
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