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We are stopped by unmarked police car for passing red light. Police calls for a backup..

LBI 2010. We were biking, we passed a red light. Unmarked police cars went in front of us and stopped us. We started talking… Another violation – we were missing one helmet. Police called for a backup car. The back up car arrives. Now watch what happens next.. Recorded on August 25, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
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prank call: light company prank

we call the light company

Naked Johnny Sees The Light

Don’t worry, Naked Johnny is back!

VirtualLight #6 ~ The perfect storm in 2012 ~ Beacons of Light — May 2010

Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home May 2010 From Steve: This message spoke of the sun and what to expect in the days just ahead. They said there was another round of solar flares that were about to begin. I am aware that we are having them right now but they still are not the intensity and the regularity that we will have them in the next three years. The year 2012 was of particular note. They said to watch direct sun exposure during that year. Its not about how much you get but about how much you are accustomed to getting. This is the second or third channel recently where they equate gravity to magnetism but I will say that our sciences do not agree with that as of yet. What they did say is that the sun is aligning to once again shower us with a pelt of solar flares. The events that were originally scripted to put a final end to earth are about to happen on a scaled down version with the energy redirected. In fact this coming event has all the ear-markings of the perfect storm in 2012. Only this time Scotty is yelling to Captain Kirk that the shields wont hold as the protective shields of earth known as the magnetosphere now have large holes in them and they are still full of plasma from the last attack. This means we will feel much more of the effects of these flares in our personal world and bodies. They said the emotional bodies we carry are magnetic based and they will vary the most as these fields shift. How much fun is that boys and girls? Can anyone remember
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Releasing DNA fear codes,Galactic Federation of Light, Sharon-Ann Riley, 5 February 2012

Sharon-Ann Riley channels the Galactic Federation of Light. The GFL discuss Cosmic triggers demolishing old mind control programs, slave encodings, family dna karma release. Sharon-Ann Riley is a Galactic Ambassador whose role is to empower humanity to trust its divinity and spiritual knowingness.She has experienced ET visitations and UFO encounters throughout her life. She is an incarnated Galactic Federation Ascended Master and Blue Ray Star Seed. Her role is to prepare Humanity for its galactic re-emergence. Sharon assists the Galactic Federation, Cosmic / multidimensional beings and Mother Gaia with Earth Healing. She is guided to various places around the world to channel energy and activate the land by the Great Mother and Galactic Federation. Email: Written Transcript: The above transcript is copyrighted to . Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and credit to ©2011 Sharon-Ann Riley and website is included. For all publications / syndications please contact
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VirtualLight #6 ~ End of the Rope ~ Beacons of Light Feb 2012

The first topic of this message is about the solar flares that are now beginning. The day prior to this channel we experienced an X class solar flare. Even though it was only an X2 it was pointed at Earth. As a result it created the largest magnetic wave in recorded history ever to hit Earth. In previous channels the group has talked about these magnetic waves of energy and how they are reprogramming not only the Earth but our physical bodies as well. Since these waves are magnetic in nature they affect us in the emotional body first and they have even said that the height of these waves is 36 hours after the event. In this message the group talks about the emotional effect this wave can have on all of us. They told a story about a rope I use often and how all of us can find ourselves at the end of the rope. Have a great month Big hugs Steve Beacons of Light February 2012 End of the Rope ~
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Light up the Haze

too calm for tv

Purple Ring Of Light Prank Call

This is a prank call by the ZNWpranks.
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Candle Light Video (set up)

This is a great video if you’re ever out and about and you see a nice big candle,…

Rickey Smiley- Light Blue Breast Milk

Rickey Smiley Prank Calls Vol. 6
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